You can’t deny it, bikes need love and for mechanical parts that means degreasers and lubes. We received a bundle of goodies sometime ago from Finsh Line, White Lightning and Juice Lubes and decided to put them to good use in local bike shop Bike Culture. Here is what store owner and mechanic Jon Odams had to say :

Finish Line Speed Degreaser – $27.49
This was our favourite of all the selection given to us, the Speed degreaser makes cleaning your drive train simple and easy. Suitable for any part of your drivetrain and good for cleaning rotors too. It breaks down gunk and grime like that, literally a must have for any workshop.

Juice Lubes JL69 – $20.00
JL69 is the all round cleaner and lube for the home mechanic who doesn’t show much love to their steed. Perfect for most parts of the bike and also has the a formula that penetrates as well as clean and lubricates.

Tools of the trade - Lubes and Degreasers

White Lightning Clean Streak Aerosol – $24.99
The Clean Streak is a dry degreaser that offers a great clean suitable for all drivetrain and disc brake parts. No water needs to be used here just spray on and wipe off.

White Lightening clean ride lubricant – $ 22.49
One of the original wax chain lubes is still delivering a clean and reliable product. Simple as ever to use, and long lasting for your enduro or cross country bike uses.

Finishline Showroom Polish and Protectant – $14.99
This stuff lives up to its name. Giving a clean and well polished look to even some of the most worn out old paint jobs. Unlike some polishes this stuff, dries fast and does not attract dirt, keeping you looking good in any photo opportunity.

Tools of the trade

White Lightning and Finish Line products distributed by Velo Vita and Juice Lubes are distributed by SCV Imports.

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