It’s Australian mate. First off I have to give a special mention to the homegrown factor of the Deubel. I am fairly certain that there isn’t currently any commercially available framesets made in Australia and the 2UP makes me proud to be Australian. After riding it for a week or so I have to say I’m very impressed with the bike. The finished product isn’t just good by local standards but on an international level with the big wigs as well.

The Chassis
The chassis on the 2UP is world class. It may have “old school” single pivot written all over it but its pivot placement and frame construction are excellent. This is all down to Deubel bicycles owner Sebastian Deubels wonderful design.
Deubel Bicycles is an Australian company and the 2UP isn’t just designed in Australia but built entirely in Australia from the design, tube cutting, welding to the paint and decals. All within various factories around Sydney.


The Easton EA6X tubing and manufacturing process has made the 2UP stiff laterally and largely increased the strength of the bike everywhere. Changeable chips have been included to allow adjustment of the head angle and bottom bracket height. This coupled with the different drop out options changing from QR to 142×12 for cross country and downhill 150mm set-up. makes it easier to set up the bike depending on conditions. The frame has all the modern comforts including a 1.5” headtube, ISCG 05 guide mounts for your all mountain chain guide needs but lacks dropper seatpost cable routing. That would be a nice touch I think for future models.


The Suspension
The suspension on the bike has been set up perfectly for the frame using a exclusive custom tuned RP23 shock and Fox 150mm fork with a tapered steerer. The shock platform works allowed the bike to get on the power without any noticeable bob but was also plush and fast when it needed to be over small to medium sized hits whilst running on fast trails. With the suspension set up so balanced, the bike descended and climbed well keeping your body in a balanced position giving plenty of control.
The lateral stiffness within the frame and large sealed pivots really allows the rear shock to do its thing and on the off camber corners it really showed just how exceptional the shock could work.


The ride of the 2UP is pretty similar to a lot of other single pivot downhill bikes with a few exceptions. It handles the downhill’s spectacularly with its low angles but also has the ability to make its way back up the hill without too much sweat. The frame itself isn’t light weight which does affect its climbing ability but on our test track the downhill speed made up for any lost time. Creating a ride that was much more fun and fast at high speed.
Id have to say it certainly shows a preference towards the downhills. The “all mountain” frames of late seem to have an orrientation toward a trail ride design or a downhill design and this frame is certainly leaning toward the downhill side of things. As the motto goes “Ready for anything”.


the verdict
Suitable for:
- anyone who loves the feeling of going downhill
- wants a hard wearing frame that will last….
- proud Australians

not suitable for:
- lycra race folk