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Won’t Back Down tracks the life of Steve Peat and the ups and downs of a truly amazing career. This story starts in the late 80′s a time when a young Peaty and the sport of downhill are just emerging where the pace then turns to an interesting piece on Jason McRoy one of downhill’s early stars. A rider who shaped the course of upcoming British downhillers before his premature passing.

The film then centres around the next couple of decades of pro life, casually splitting them into two main eras the Nico Voulliouz and Sam Hill years. It goes quite in-depth here, with interviews and voice overs from the main players of the day including, Nigel Page, Rob Warner, Shaun Palmer, Will Longden, Cedric Gracia and more. Handing over some amazing little nuggets of mountain biking history. …View More

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