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The press release for the new Enve M series is floating around that many big MTB website that I wont waste your time posting up the same pictures and info as everyone else but I will post this edit. This is damn near the best product release I’ve ever seen, if you waste seven minutes of your life on watching an edit let it be this one because the riding is sick and brutal, if that doesn’t make you lust for these new rims, I don’t know what will. www.enve.com

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New XTR caliper & Freeze disc

It’s around every three years that a component group at Shimano will see a update and many thought that this release would be the big change. Speculation led many to believe perhaps a electronic driven drive train or perhaps a move more toward eleven speed with XTR groupset due for it’s overhall.
There is no indication of a new groupset here although there are some adjustments to XTR however the release  also focuses on some of the gaps in the market introducing some 27.5 wheelsets and indeed lighter wheelsets on the whole. … Read on

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