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If you haven’t picked up a mountain bike magazine or been immersed in the bike world of the internet over the past 18 months, you could be forgiven for asking “who are Polygon ?” Polygon is an Indonesian based company who have been around since 1989 but previously with little presence outside of Indonesia. Polygon are also one of the big players of in house bicycle manufacturing outside of Taiwan. Their big break came with the signing of Tracey Hannah and Mick Hannah to the Hutchinson United Ride team in 2013, throwing a leg over the collosus’s AXX big brother the Collosus DHX. This attracted plenty of interest in Australia and since we have been seeing them pop up more and more.
The Collosus Axx is Polygons top of the line 160mm travel enduro race steed. On paper this thing is an impressive option if you’re looking for a new race weapon with an impressive out of the box build. …View More

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There are many little tips and tricks that can help get one through an endurance race. Some happen in the build-up when you realise your training has been pathetic and/or none existent. Some happen on the fly as a means to limp your way to the finish. The others are often a means to make up for mistakes caused by over exuberance. In the case of the Buxton Boot camp I used them all. The Boot camp was just that, it was a hard training session designed to kick-start my post-holiday regime. A mere 5 days prior I had been living large in Hawaii, with beach, booze and buffet a plenty. A week before, I was expanding my sneaker collection in New York City. Was it a great holiday? Yes. Unfortunately however it left me in no state to race a bike.

So what follows is a step by step on how to fake your way through an endurance race. …View More

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Daniel Brooks navigates through the rough and slippery rooted section dabbing a foot as he powers through

Round 3, the final round of the King of Ballarat series for 2013 had arrived. The weather looked like it would hold out and the track was looking great, racing on yet another different track, and combination of a few of the many tracks Black Hill has to offer. Initial impressions were the track would be fast and challenging with many root sections prooving to be extremly slippery in the damp morning conitions. As the un-offical saturday practice began ruts started to form almost immediately in the soft maluble mud, this mud was tranfered to the rock garden and wooded section making them just that little bit more challenging. As more and more rode the track and the sun began to poke its head out from behind the morning cloud and fog the track started to dry off. This increased the confidence of many riders and we began to see section speeds improve dramaticaly.

As Saturday rolled into Sunday more riders arrived on the hill and even through morining practice spectators began to gather at points on the track that looked like they would provide carnage and entertainment. As racing drew closer there was a nervous excitement as many riders were still yet to master the tricky roots and there was a risk of rain, many concluded if the roots were to become saturated they would push many to thier limits. Racing began and for the first time at K.O.B the timing provided splits, a very interesting insight as to where many riders were gaining and loosing time. As the C and D classes came down the hill there was a very light sprinking coming from the clouds, would the A grade riders have to contend with the weather? Riders kept streaming down the hill, but the clouds passed as did the chance of rain, this didn’t stop many riders from coming un-stuck through the wooded section with plenty of off camber roots. As the first runs ended there were plenty of dirty race kits, but luckily no serious injuries. …View More

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Oli Zwar checks out a feature in one of the kits under development //Jason Stevens Photo

There has been a change up at Pinner Designs, below Ben Ennis (Team Manager) writes, to tell us all about it. Having spent some considerable time aboard Santa Cruz V-10′s we decided it was time for a change in pace. Based in VIC we were after a bit more local support, something closer to home for the 2013 – 2014 season. Talking to Cory from Yeti OZ, he was pretty keen to see something happen, so we made it happen.

We have moved toward a two person team this year in Oliver Zwar (Elite)and Trent Piribauer (Elite), so that does mean we lose to members from last seasons roster. Shelly Flood is still recovering from her two broken hands sustained during the Nationals and will be taking a easier approach to this season. She will remain a Pinner Designs supported athlete but not part of the official team. Jake Royle will be conducting his own Privateer program this season but we will still see him at the races. …View More

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With the VIC State series done and dusted there is a hole in the winter schedule for racing down south. Enter the Steintech Winter Downhill series hosted by Alpine Gravity and if the video above is anything to go by its going to be one awesome series. The next race is at Barjarg on the 18th – 19th of May and you can find more info at www.alpinegravity.net , see you there!
Thanks JL Media for the edit.

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So apparently SBS didn’t show the full release last Sunday of the final VDHS round at Mt Beauty. Luckily, we were able to get our hand on the whole episode and show it to you. Watch it Watch it now.

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Eamon one hell of a character

There is a official more press like release to follow but I thought this would be a good chance to mention that this Friday night at the Mt Baw Baw pub, there will be a celebration of Eamonn Flahavin 21st birthday, with all friends welcome. Eammon tragically passed away in a car crash on the 29th of June 2012 . After Sundays race the the E-MAN Memorial Trophy will be presented for the first time. If you intend on going please notify dana.flahavin@gmail.com for catering reasons. Party Hard and Race Hard in honour of Eamonn!

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort together with Gippsland MTB are primed to host Round 5 of the KONA Victorian Downhill Mountain Bike Series, and also set are some of the most adventurous DH riders in Australia who have been in training for this event which boasts the largest Australian prize pool of over $50,000 for this gravity fuelled discipline of mountain biking. …View More

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