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 From the moment I knew we had one in to test , I had to get a hold of it. I was not disappointed in my lust for it either as it truly turned out to be the best trail pack I’ve had in years. Deuter have definitely put a great deal of care and thought into what exactly riders need out of a pack.
Putting the bag on it is one of the lightest and most breathable feeling bags on the market with its special air comfort design. What is air comfort design? It’s the frame mesh that sits off the main body of the bag which allows air to flow through to your back whilst riding. An innovative feature for many of you who are used to walking around with a heavy sweat patch in the centre of your back, post ride. Despite how the bag sits off the body it is still remarkably stable under the general bump, rattle and roll of some trail time.
The kidney belt like waist strap, adds plenty of extra support and the main shoulder straps are surprisingly light and comfortable on those long rides. …View More

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You can’t deny it, bikes need love and for mechanical parts that means degreasers and lubes. We received a bundle of goodies sometime ago from Finsh Line, White Lightning and Juice Lubes and decided to put them to good use in local bike shop Bike Culture. Here is what store owner and mechanic Jon Odams had to say :

Finish Line Speed Degreaser – $27.49
This was our favourite of all the selection given to us, the Speed degreaser makes cleaning your drive train simple and easy. Suitable for any part of your drivetrain and good for cleaning rotors too. It breaks down gunk and grime like that, literally a must have for any workshop.

Juice Lubes JL69 – $20.00
JL69 is the all round cleaner and lube for the home mechanic who doesn’t show much love to their steed. Perfect for most parts of the bike and also has the a formula that penetrates as well as clean and lubricates. …View More

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