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This old man’ Ricky Boyer throws down some style

With the Victorian Downhill series behind us, its now time for the Victorian State Championships; held this year at Mount Beauty on the infamous Big Hill track. Mount Beauty is a venue which is no stranger to state racing, or even national racing. The Big Hill course has a solid reputation for being fast, loose and wild, its this reputation that saw some interstaters such as Ricky Boyer make the journey south to try and claim the state title.

With the weather leading up to the event being rather wet no one was really sure how the track would look, would the water of simply ran off and it would dry up with only a few riders passing over, or would it be saturated? It turned out the course was the best of both worlds with the singel track sections being super tacky and grippy and the fire road sections becoming loose as the sun dried them, pushing riders to see how far they were willing to let the brake lever out to maintain max speed.

With the track in prime condition the riders began flowing down the hill, many being caught out by some loose corners and the rock gardens. At one stage the top rock garden had so much carnage there was no longer any riding line free and clear to ride, though none were serious injuries the fullscale carnage was quite hilarious to watch. …View More

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This episode sees Leachy at the Gravity Enduro round at Dinner Plain and the rest of the Team over at Bright for the final round of the VDHS. Special thanks to Brett Pengelley from Fector clothing for providing the shots from the Bright VDHS round.

Dream Police – Cheap Trick

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Tom Wyatt gives my recently serviced and cleaned camera a fresh dusting

The final round of the Victorian Downhill Series has us in Bright, arguably the best downhill track in the country, being described by the likes of Troy Brosnan at the recent national championships as the “closest thing to a world cup track in Australia.” Would these words prove to be daughnting or exciting? Only time would tell.

The mystic downhill track is nestled in the pine plantations above bright, scerene views from the top of the track also provide a very clear view of the tracks elevation. The course had some battle scars from the recent national championships, the most evident being some very deep ruts that had formed and with the recent rain washing all the loose top soil away, they had become excessively deep.

With the track open for practice there were plenty of riders strewn across the track, from top to bottom checking out the changes the weather had made to a track they thought they knew well, and also new riders checking lines for the first time and adjusting to the steepness of bright that we don’t see often in Australia. In the wooded section some roots had begun poking thier heads out from the soft soil, these caught more than one rider off guard throughout the weekend, luckily the pine needles and soft soil off to the side of the track provided a more forgiving landing. …View More

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The first weekend of March saw the VDHS return to Maldon for the 5th round of the VDHS. The weather was epic all weekend with just the hint of rain early Saturday being the only snag, however it quickly evaporated into flawless blue skies as practice got underway. A new section toward the top of the track implemented this round saw many riders stopping to scope lines. Only a few opted to go head first into the brand new section, this method paid off for half the riders whilst the other half got caught up on hidden rocks and ejected over the bars or flatted. With the new section only just bedding in, rocks were moving about continuously and with no two runs through the top rock garden being the same, it was a while before the carnage abated. This is notorious Maldon track behaviour but after the first few hours, the the major riding lines were cleared by the riders and everything settled down. The remainder of the track was left pretty much untouched from previous years with only a few minor changes to some corners on the lower part of the track. Nothing really that could cause any further damage to riders. …View More

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Joey Knox is back with another clean edit of the VDHS series. “I headed up to Mt.BawBaw on the Australia day weekend to film the 4th round of the Victorian Downhill Series and this is what I came up with! The song is Hey Brother by Avicii, with a few tweaks to make it work with the footage.”

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The Yarra Valley Cycles boys tear the mountain apart in this raw footage driven edit from Brett Pengelley. Classic tunes and off the cuff cricket match make this one vid you will want to check out.

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The 14th of December saw racers arriving at Narbethong, the home to Round 3 of the Victorian Downhill Series. Nestled in a state forest and plantation forest, only a stones throw away from last at Granton this round was bound to be a cracker. Fortunately this time mother nature was on our side with clear blue skies welcoming the riding horde to this remote feeling location.

The upper section of track saw plenty of roots and slippy surfaces from the dew that had settled from the previous nights cool temperatures. The common belief was that this slipperiness would fade quickly as riders wore the track in and thankfully it for the most part, did. Only meters down the track there are some solid berms, hitting one at full tilt helped to confirm a riders confidence in this track. Pushing down the track there were plenty more roots, and high speed, solid berms. This track has a tendency to get away from you fast, in a good way, and as riders snaked down they found plenty of small drops and kickers to keep them on their toes. Throughout Saturday morning the course dried up, especially in the lower parts.The extended time in the sunlight and the increased rider traffic throughout the day, meant rolling speed was fast and it was increasingly difficult to pick just who might be on top on Sunday arvo. However, you would have to be stupid to bet against Troy Brosnan. …View More

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