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Tracey crashed during a practice run at Val D’isere world cup and broke her femur and collarbone. She’s been airlifted to the hospital to get leg surgery.
Mick had an very good run and after an exciting race he ended up at the 6th position! Pretty good considering what happened!

Tracey is now doing a lot better and she is improving everyday infact she is already focused on 2013. Tracey is really thankfull for all the support both from the immediate racing field and from home and abroad”.

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After windham and the big month break, the boys head back over into France for a brand new world cup track, Val D’Isere. A lot like South Australian tracks, Connor felt at home straight away, Mitch was having some troubles though.

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Monster Energy / Specialized Racing was in Val D’Isere, France this weekend for the sixth round of the UCI MTB World Cup, where Mitch Ropelato took home a career best 13th place, and Sam Hill returned to vintage speed.

The track for the first ever World Cup stop in Val D’Isere was rough, high speed, and got more so as the week went on as hundreds of riders took to the course. The braking bumps got deeper and deeper, making it tough to carry speed through corners and maintain control. Weather conditions varied between sunshine, torrential rains, and even hail, as riders tackled the sub two-and-a-half minute course laid out on the steep exposed ski run.

Sam dropped into his race run in usual style only to fall a couple turns in, then quickly gathered himself before crossing the first split in 73rd place. He dug deep and made up spots on the way down, eventually finishing 27th on the day. Mitch came down a few riders later holding onto a relatively smooth run landing him in 13th overall for the day.

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So the world cup series for 2012 has been run and won. Nino managed to clean up with a win at the world cup final and the overall series (even after missing 2 rounds). It is safe to say that he is an absolute machine and the clear favorite for the Olympics in two weeks….

For me the World cup in the French ski resort of Val D’Isere was always going to be hard. At 1850m altitude and with a relatively non technical climbers track I was in for a tough day even if I was feeling good.

Preparation was pretty standard for the race with nice weather all week then to make things interesting the morning of the race rain decided to sweep through the alpine valley. It cleared then rained and repeated this process for most of the day. The women were pretty lucky, but as the call up started for the mens race it was becoming clear that the mud tyres were a good option (thankfully I had already made the cal for safe tyres, while others chose to risk it with the dry tyres).

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