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Mick didn't have the run he deserved, better luck next time

The weekend started off in the best of ways with Mick and Tracey getting excellent qualifying results. Tracey came down in 5th in dry conditions proving that she has really well recovered from her recent injuries. Mick did a nearly perfect run scoring the fastest times on the 2 first splits and then only loosing the first spot by 0.1 behind Gee Atherton after making a small mistake on the last section. Fabien had a clean run and clocked a reasonable 65th place.
Guillaume was not so lucky with his qualifying run. He punctured his front wheel in one of the vicious rock gardens at the middle of the course and although desperately trying to get to the finish line in time, he crashed twice on the bottom part and didn’t make it for Sunday finals. …View More

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“First race of the season and what a start! The least we can say is that Tracey is back, 7 months after she broke her femur she wins, the Australian national title. We are so proud of her. With this boost of motivation Mick threw a crazy fast run and won by 2 sec over names like Jared Graves, Sam Hill, Chris Kovarik and Troy Brosnan. A really good performance 3 months before the start of the World Cup season.
Four days of sunny practice and it all came down to a (really) stormy sunday! Track was completely soaked but surprisingly grippy. It has been a pretty intense race for Tracey. She finished 2nd after her seeding run on saturday by only 0.3. She crossed the line with a good time but with Caroline still to go anything was possible. A little bit over a minute later Caroline came through, 0.4 down on Tracey. Continue reading

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Tracey Hannah

We all remember the really bad crash Tracey had last season at Val D’Isère (France) during the world cup. 7 months after her femur surgery she’s back on a bike and more motivated than ever. Time to catch up with her after a work session in Alltricks’s office, in Paris!

First of all, what everyone wants to know, how is your leg and will you be racing next season? What an experience! When I broke my leg I had never broken a bone riding Dh. I had never even stayed in hospital before. So when I realised that I was taking a trip to the hospital, in a helicopter, through the French alps, I was in shock. 3 weeks later I left the hospital and flew home to Australia. All through hospital and my recovery I knew that no matter what, I was going to race in 2013. So, Yes, for sure I will be racing. My leg is going really great. I have been riding xc and it feels good, I am waiting for my new Dh bike and when it arrives it will be just perfect timing to ride again. …View More

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See Mik and the team at the final World Cup in Hafjell. Amazingly,Tracey still manages to take out fourth in the overall despite missing two races, congrats Tracey. Tracey is also back up and walking and her collarbone is well underway in its healing. Hopefully we will see both Aussie racers this National Season smashing it out. Check out http://www.facebook.com/UnitedRIde to stay up to date with the team in the off season.

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Tracey crashed during a practice run at Val D’isere world cup and broke her femur and collarbone. She’s been airlifted to the hospital to get leg surgery.
Mick had an very good run and after an exciting race he ended up at the 6th position! Pretty good considering what happened!

Tracey is now doing a lot better and she is improving everyday infact she is already focused on 2013. Tracey is really thankfull for all the support both from the immediate racing field and from home and abroad”.

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