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I stumbled across this edit in my vimeo feed and thought it was the perfect time to share with the SA round of the Australian Gravity Enduro Series going down this weekend at the very same venue. So sit back and have a look at what sort of terrain riders can expect.
“Freshly completed single track super loop- the Core Loop @ Fox Creek in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Nick Bowman from IMBA Australia has realised his dream and crafted a world class top-to-bottom loop, all prime single track taking in the best of the park. 4 local riders on a lap- scenic climb super-flow descent…”

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MTB Opening Weekend

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I know this is a little promo for the mtbskills.com.au crew but the vibe is just right in this short little edit. If your interested in discovering some of the best trails in Aus this summer, check out : www.ridebuller.com.au

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Really getting amongst the vines

Quantum racing was out in force for this ‘picnic’ in the vineyards. Many of the lads trying out their 2013 TWE bikes at a race for the first time. The Rocky Trail pitch for this race was pretty enticing “Round 2 promises to be not only the inaugural race at James Estate Winery but also a culinary highlight. James Estate is located in the Upper Hunter Valley, about 2 hours West of Newcastle. The race track will be just under 10 km long and feature awesome single track through the bushland surrounding the vineyards and offer spectacular views of the Upper Hunter Valley wine country as you make your way back to the event centre, right in front of the cellar door.”

Wow, new trails, racing in a vineyard and Rocky Trail races are always well run friendly events. Let’s do it. Half the team elected to camp and the other half drove up the morning of the event. Campers were the winners this time with atrocious condition on the coast and the culinary delights of the vineyard to take advantage of.

When we arrived, Martin from Rocky Trail did not lie, the vineyard was certainly picturesque and it was clear from the numbers of people at the start line that this was a well-attended event. Apparently there were 250+ starters with at least 20% girls which is awesome to see. The most popular categories between the 7hr and 4hr formats was for 4hr in solo, 7hr in teams. …View More

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We’re pretty sure this is just a re upload but it’s a classic so it gets another go. Alan Hepburn shreds some Adelaide trails.

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Shimano Australia combine two of their greatest loves Mountain Biking and Fishing. Does it work ? We’ll let you decide.

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The weekend before last, I headed out with Pedal 4 Pierce luminaries Nigel and Chris to check out some of the new trails put in especially for the upcoming Kowalski Classic. I thought it was necessary for some local guides to accompany me, mainly to make sure we were on the right trails and also for a few photos.
With a map from a insider behind the “Classic” we entered old Sparrow Hill. Freshly raked trails, off camber corners and a slight uphill greeted us amongst the pine trees on this yet to be signposted trail. Heading out into the open, we entered natural bushland and crossed the old highway now a regrowth area. This section featured some uncharacteristically tight corners, something not usually associated with the Kowalksi’s building flowy building style. Hopefully this means there are a few unseen shake ups and technicalities thrown into some of the older sections to keep riders on their toes.Continuing on the flow returned, into a open grass area before once more returning into pine tree and needle lined trails. …View More. Keep Reading

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