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Eighteen years after having hosted the World Champs the first time, Cairns was home to the second round of the 2014 World Cup. With both Mick and Tracey Hannah being Cairns locals, this race was really important for the team as this is their home track, literally.
Track conditions were made unbearable due to the torrential rain that struck the course Thursday and Friday, making the greasy mud and roots even slipperier than they are in the dry.
With some great results in South Africa and the team was very keen to do well in front of the Hannah’s home crowd, here’s how it went down. Pictures after the jump …View More

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Mick and Tracey Hannah have had a incredibly successful off season with strong performances at Australian National Events as well as a host of sneaky Urban Races. It only got better with a podium for ‘Sik Mik’ here in Pietermaritzburg whilst Tracey put in a solid top ten performance. The rest of the team were right along side them with some equally impressive results. Everyone is now looking forward to the home town race of the two Australians, a tracks where they are sure to do well.

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Here is the team video recap of the 2 first rounds of the Urban racing series. Mick and Fabien raced the Santos together and were then joined by Guillaume and Tracey for Valparaiso. Even though Tracey was not allowed to race (there is no female category in Chile), all boys had great runs and came out really amped from the huge crowds and scary tracks.

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Watch this only if you want to ruin your working Friday because this is guaranteed to have you longing for closing time, it will literally leave you squirming, itching to leave and get some trail time in. Aussies “Sik” Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah and the rest of the Hutchinson United team knock it out of the bike park in this crazy, earth rupturing team launch in Chile.

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Stevie took the fastest time in Qualification, Do you think that adds more or less stress to him or Gee. These guy's have minds of steel. It probably makes both of the hungrier.

The final race of the series and the overall was down to nothing more than a coin toss. With barely any points in the overall both Gee Atherton and Steve Smith would have to put down solid runs in both qualifying and finals, bar injury, to take out the series overall. Whilst Atherton had a solid season opener with wins in the first two round, Smith showed equal consistency in the later stages of the season with wins in Mont St Anne and Hafjell and was clearly everyone’s pick for the win.
As practice got underway, the feedback was much the same as in previous years, bike park-ie with a few new added features. Unfortunately this was enough to see some of the big wigs go down with Danny Hart having a particularly bad over the bars ending in one broke and one cracked wrist.
Sunday dawned and the juniors were up first. Despite carrying the overall leaders jersey in the opening couple of rounds, Dean Lucas’s last few rounds have not been as kind with results, meaning it was a podium or nothing for the young star if he wanted to push up through the rankings. Finishing up in 12th it was not to be on the day but Lucas still managed to bring home 4th in the overall. With another year up his sleeve, this kid is destined to go even higher. …View More

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Mick didn't have the run he deserved, better luck next time

The weekend started off in the best of ways with Mick and Tracey getting excellent qualifying results. Tracey came down in 5th in dry conditions proving that she has really well recovered from her recent injuries. Mick did a nearly perfect run scoring the fastest times on the 2 first splits and then only loosing the first spot by 0.1 behind Gee Atherton after making a small mistake on the last section. Fabien had a clean run and clocked a reasonable 65th place.
Guillaume was not so lucky with his qualifying run. He punctured his front wheel in one of the vicious rock gardens at the middle of the course and although desperately trying to get to the finish line in time, he crashed twice on the bottom part and didn’t make it for Sunday finals. …View More

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