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If there ever was a track that could remove the bad taste international riders left with after the Canberra WC and Champs, then Cairns would be it. It’s a track that requires equal measures of technical skill, fitness and strength, today was no exception. In fact it may have been worse.
As A practice drew near so too did the storm clouds, the heavens opened up and the course turned into that perfect clay mush that seems to permeate everywhere. Coating the rock garden, coating the roots, every feature that could bring a run undone. So lucky it was only practice.
Timed runs were led by Gee Atherton in the mens and Emmeline Ragot in the women with Loris Vergier atop of five other riders in juniors, which only goes to show it’s still anyone’s race.
With three days of racing to come, we shall hardly waste your time any more now with words and simply let the photos speak for themselves and the amazing skills of Tim Bardsley-Smith shine through. …View More

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2013 XCE (Cross-Country Eliminator) World-Champion Aussie Paul Van Der Ploeg and XCM (Cross-Country Marathon) Champion Aussie Jenni King recently traveled up to Sunny Cairns to check out the course and venue for the upcoming World-Cup being held in April. They were treated to an amazing, bright, vividly green layout and were blown away with the brand new courses. They both highly commended the level of technicality and variety in trail for the course, appreciating the changes of riding style and the buffet of line choices and ‘technical a-lines’ making up multiple passing opportunities as well as offering some spectacular viewing for the crowds! With all thumbs up, we look forward to seeing them back repping the rainbow jerseys and bringing Australia home to gold!


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Dave McMillan gets in some airtime. All out speed and jumps means plenty of time to slap bass, hopefully we'll see him in the top 80 once again.

“Dumbed down”, that’s what the riders say. For a track that is renown as ‘the mans track’, it’s a little bit of a let down for some, for others its a chance to shine though. Mist and sodden surfaces greeted riders today and TBS was there to capture it all. Who looks fast and whos taking chances, check the pic’s after the jump …View More

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