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I am never one to look at the forecast before heading off to races. It just seems a little easier to pack the car with those extra jackets and jumpers , prepared for whatever may come. Midway though my drive west over the mountains, I realised I had forgot those essentials and it was just as I reached Katoomba blanketed in fog and light rain. Bummer.
That was it though, descending Mt Victoria the skies returned to being pleasantly overcast and it was on to Rydal. Sneaking in the back way past Lake Lyall and some picturesque countryside I arrived in the one pub town with enough time to quickly grab a coffee and a bacon sandwich before the start.
There were quite a few campers, in fact over half the field were camping according to the race organisers. However, such positive things cannot be said about the nights sleep some had, fractured and on and off sleep could make things more difficult down the line. …View More

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