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This final little bit of brief clubby news comes to you a tad later than usual but it’s all because I’m coming down off the high that was the final Sutherland Cycling Clubs Short Track race of the year. Santa was there (in the shape of a very ill disguised and roadie thin Troy Glennan), horderves were on offer and there was a whole bunch of kids out to race. However the most exciting race, as always, was A grade and it truly was the best of the year. The competition was thick amongst a very very mix aged field and it started off with a bang when Aaron Felton took the holshot off of Callum Carson.
This battle on the front continued for several laps, whilst Matt “Panther” Potter controlled his efforts, laying in wait in third. There was some spectacular mid field action, most especially when young 13 year old Ben Metcalfe out sprinted McNaughton and Glennan down the main straight, narrowly bringing it back in before the singletrack re-started, earning him a standing ovation from the crowd.
McNaughton and Morgan were also hanging onto the front end and probably helped bring the pack together making for some incredibly tight racing. In the end Felton faltered and Carson wasted energy then defending off Felton , their collected heart rates pushed through the roof, allowed “Panther” to break past both of them and seal the win with a generous gap. …View More

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Decent views-5

Disco Short Track is one of the best local mountainbiking events in Sydney, every year the crowds turn out for some disco fever and this year was no different. Late afternoon and the ball gets rolling, the kids racing packing out the place. Some kids race around by themselves whilst others are pushed by their parents, a real family vibe is in the air.
The kids racing finishes up as darkness sets in and the disco lighting comes into full effect. There are disco balls, strobe lights, lengths of light rope and in the depths of the course a bubble machine lets loose as kids dance around with glow sticks. Continue reading

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Odams comes round for one of the final laps

In Southern Sydney what started as a pristine blue sky day, soon turned to overcast skies and then a consistent light and sometimes heavy rainfall in the afternoon. Still no rest for the die hards and Short Track was on!
Arriving just in time for A & B Grade, Troy Fisher put his BMX skills to the test gaining a early lead cutting off the attacking Bike Culture boys and gaining the hole shot to boot. Two laps in however he began to falter just as Jon Odams hot on his tale used his CX bike to his advantage, gaining the lead along the straight. Soon Luke Dale had joined Odams ahead as Fisher fell back through the field.
As the rain came down the pair of Odams and Dale broke away from the group and it was on. In the latter laps Dale began to fatigue with too much time off the bike playing right into the hands of the short sharp race, Odams moved ahead for a clear win and Matt Potts rode smoothly into second with a late charge. …View More Images

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Sid Taberlay leans past

The monthly event of Sutherland Short Track was back for another round. After finally emerging from a dark winter and the early stages of daylight savings it was disappointing that overcast skies presided over the race.
The course was especially dust with a thin layer of powder in every corner making grip a little hard to find for all classes.

In C grade Andrew Herlihen took the scoop from Trent Spencer. Di Gbel won out over Erica Galea in the womens. B Grade was hotly contented with Chris Schofield who looked to be a early favourite, eventually falling into third with Anthony Schnakel in second and Matt Price pulling through for first. Ben Metcalfe took a impressive fourth against men twice his age (literally).

A Grade was a little depleted, with a few of the usual crowd awol. The competition however was as fierce as ever, Jon Odams led out hard from the line putting a reasonable gap on Sid Taberlay with the rest of the field holding on behind. Troy Glennan slid out on the second lap and DNF’d after rolling his bars.
Short races mean fast pace and Odams and Taberlay were fast breaking away. Young Harry Wiles unable to hold onto the pace of the front fell back to fight it out with Brad Glennan ,Tim Bateman and Gavin Williams.
After bridging the gap and riding Odams wheel for a lap, Taberlay made the pass before the final lap. Sid Taberlay wins, with Jon Odams in second and Tim Bateman a hard fought third. …View More

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The sun came out just in time for the final short track of the year, another action packed round on the dry and dusty course. The clearest battles being fought in B and A Grade. In B Grade Connor Mackne lead from the outset never really looking in any real danger, with the main position swapping happening behind with Murray Mackne, Thomas Lau, Tim Bateman and Chris Schofield mixing it up. In A grade, Mitch Codner took and early lead but couldn’t make it stick, falling back through the placing by mid race. Still somehow Codner was able to climb back into position pipping Matt Potter on the line. Moving up from second Sid Taberlay powered off the front with a impressive lead to claim the win.

A Grade
1st Sid Taberley
2nd Mitchell Codner
3rd Matt Potter

B Grade
1st Connor Mackne
2nd Thomas Lau
3rd Tim Bateman (SS)

…View More

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