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Round two of the Yakima Sunshine Series for 2014 headed to Toowoomba with riders getting up the range for a few wild runs down the famous “Mackenzie Frenzy”, Tbah’s iconic DH track. The Frenzy is known and loved for its high-speed sections, big senders and loose rocks. The loyal trail crew at Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club had the track running fast with a few sweet new features. Early on Saturday morning there was some crazy grip up on track for the first few practice runs, but with 200 riders about to hit the mountain, it didn’t last long. Downhill races in Toowoomba always come with a great atmosphere and this weekend did not disappoint. …View More

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Sam Fraser with a flatty to keep things interesting

The Sunshine Series DH has rolled around again for 2013 and once more it has opened at the classic Toowoomba trail, ‘Mackenzie Frenzy’. A lot of modifications were made before the race, bringing new life to the old track and keeping riders on their toes especially through the off camber top section. Further changes worked out well providing a fresh look to the track whilst still having the well-known ‘Mackenzie Frenzy’ flat out speed and looseness riders have come to expect.
The weather threatened all Sunday afternoon with some small showers but nothing did deter the riders or their times.The Elite category was big and stacked with talent, containing names like Kovarik, Maltman and young guns Remy Morton and Max Warshawsky who both were racing above their years. The U19′s win was claimed convincingly by Sam Rohdmann above Cairns boy Lachlan McLaren who pulled second with two crashes and Loughlin Murphy rounded out the podium in third. …View More

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