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Brad Morton slays a upper corner of the course

The Mont 24hr, a classic of the Australian mountainbike calendar and one of the years biggest and most anticipated races is over for yet another year with a smashing 600 teams and 3000 + riders (Just quietly that’s one hell of a lot of mountainbikers, I mean even knowing of friends in the race I didn’t see nearly any of them). Spread over the ridge line of one big paddock facing the vastness of Kowen Forest, its almost impossible to show the magnitude of riders visually.
Within the tall trees reside some of the flowiest trails in the southern hemisphere, craftily built by the Kowalski brothers and by friday evening three quarters of the regos were in, practice laps were underway and the place was already looking a little packed.
Rawhide roller racing took up the chill tent as things rolled over into night and the food kiosks were dealing out much food and beer. With most of the field entered everything was well on the way to rock and roll saturday morning, so after a few beverages to numb the nerves and hit the hay. …View More & Gallery

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The sun came out just in time for the final short track of the year, another action packed round on the dry and dusty course. The clearest battles being fought in B and A Grade. In B Grade Connor Mackne lead from the outset never really looking in any real danger, with the main position swapping happening behind with Murray Mackne, Thomas Lau, Tim Bateman and Chris Schofield mixing it up. In A grade, Mitch Codner took and early lead but couldn’t make it stick, falling back through the placing by mid race. Still somehow Codner was able to climb back into position pipping Matt Potter on the line. Moving up from second Sid Taberlay powered off the front with a impressive lead to claim the win.

A Grade
1st Sid Taberley
2nd Mitchell Codner
3rd Matt Potter

B Grade
1st Connor Mackne
2nd Thomas Lau
3rd Tim Bateman (SS)

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