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Stans No Tubes ZTR FLOW EX

At first glance, the Flow EX rims look too light to be a strong and durable Downhill rim. Weighing in at 490grams (that’s 165grams lighter than a Mavic 823!) I expected them to only last a few runs before I would be changing them out. I was wrong.
Stan’s have put a lot of time and thought into the engineering of these rims, focusing on how the tyre works and designing the rim around its performance. The low profile of the side wall gives you a strong and durable platform which not only creates a fantastic bead edge for the tyre to lock secularly into place, but also allows the tyre to form its intended shape to give you optimum grip. This also means it has the ability to run lower pressures and reduces the likelihood of burping or pinch flats. …Continue Reading

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