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All the best images from the 2013 edition of Chocolate Foot’s SRAM Singletrack Mind Series. Action from across NSW: Taree, Nowra, Awaba, Welby and the season finale, Kinross State Forest in Orange!

A huge thanks to our awesome sponsors – SRAM, RockShox, Avid, Truvativ, Hammer Nutrition, Mountain Biking Australia Magazine, OnTheGo, Finish Line, Serfas, Deuter, Bellwether, James Estate Wines, Cycology, Giant, Flow, Frameskin, and Aussie Butt Cream.

And of course a massive thanks to all the riders who gave us such exciting racing this year!

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Rhys Atkinson puts out the moto leg, rivaling a moto for speed into this corner

With the new year came the 4th round of the Victorian Downhill Series, hosted by Mt Baw Baw along with its picturesque views and high speed sections. The track has recieved plenty of work this summer previous to racing and reports were to expect a much improved track. Upon arrival there wasn’t much to see as the start gate was sitting in heavy fog. But from here we can see a very prominant new feature, the large wooden berm freshly installed. …View More

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So the new year has begun filled with upcoming races, bike trips, birthdays and the occasional family to do and where better to mark that down than on Enduros fresh 2014 calendar. You can find one at your local newsagent or pick one up at the Enduro store HERE See a little more after the jump Continue reading

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Tyson nosing it in

After Round Four of the SRAM Inside Line SA State DH Series was cancelled due to inclement weather, we had a long break in between races to soak up whatever sun rays we could find. Winter has most certainly hit its peak down here in SA, and riding on the weekend has become very similar to those swimming lessons we took as kids! The originally planned Round Four at Patto’s Curse will now become Round Five and is scheduled to be held on August 24 and 25.

Bennetts was the forested course that hosted last weekend’s racing and somehow it managed to defy the odds and turn on some of the nicest weekend weather we have seen in a while. The track had some rain over the preceding week but the age old track seemed to hold it’s own, and the level of grip was beyond ample to see some lightning fast times come out of the weekend.

The AIR DH team had it’s eyes on Darren to pull something special out over the weekend, admitting that Bennetts was the course that he learned to ride downhill on. Knowing the track like the back of your hand was certainly not going to guarantee the win, however, guys like Cam Ryan and Will Rischbieth were also looking fast from the start of Saturdays Practice. …View More

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Cody Barker gets airbourne

The stunning Bennetts forest played host to the fifth round of the SRAM Inside Line Downhill series. As usual, the trail fairies produced not only a beautiful course to ride, but did so in an area so scenic it would not be unheard of to see people picnicking. For a state that usually races more openly forested tracks, it was humbling to race a track that had you weaving and ducking.
In the U17’s field, riders looked great all weekend. The level of progression these riders have gone through is nothing short of amazing. In third place was the recently returned from injury Henry Hunt (3), with a time of 2:21. In second place was the consistent Cameron Heading (2), with a time of 2:20, and taking the top spot is Drew Gartery (1), with an amazing time of 2:18! …View More

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A little light heckling for Troy Brosnan

Willunga- Wet, windy, wild Willunga! The course situated around an hour from the city of Adelaide, is on private property and rarely gets used by anything more than the occasional adrenalin addicted sheep. Perched on the face of a ridge that looks out over Whites Valley, the track is nothing more than a thin strand of brown amongst a sea of green for most of the year; that is until the Inside Line crew arrive and it is transformed into a thick line of minced up dirt and rock!

The weather forecast was the main concern in the week preceding the race as Willunga is infamous for its blistering wind that blows directly off the gulf and its ability to turn on rain like there was a switch somewhere. Having said that, however, the last few years have been relatively kind and this year the man upstairs turned on an absolute pearler! Sandwiched between ‘showers,’ ‘rain’ and ‘rain developing,’ was a weekend of ‘mostly sunny,’ and mostly sunny it was. …View More

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