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Won’t Back Down tracks the life of Steve Peat and the ups and downs of a truly amazing career. This story starts in the late 80′s a time when a young Peaty and the sport of downhill are just emerging where the pace then turns to an interesting piece on Jason McRoy one of downhill’s early stars. A rider who shaped the course of upcoming British downhillers before his premature passing.

The film then centres around the next couple of decades of pro life, casually splitting them into two main eras the Nico Voulliouz and Sam Hill years. It goes quite in-depth here, with interviews and voice overs from the main players of the day including, Nigel Page, Rob Warner, Shaun Palmer, Will Longden, Cedric Gracia and more. Handing over some amazing little nuggets of mountain biking history. …View More

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 From the moment I knew we had one in to test , I had to get a hold of it. I was not disappointed in my lust for it either as it truly turned out to be the best trail pack I’ve had in years. Deuter have definitely put a great deal of care and thought into what exactly riders need out of a pack.
Putting the bag on it is one of the lightest and most breathable feeling bags on the market with its special air comfort design. What is air comfort design? It’s the frame mesh that sits off the main body of the bag which allows air to flow through to your back whilst riding. An innovative feature for many of you who are used to walking around with a heavy sweat patch in the centre of your back, post ride. Despite how the bag sits off the body it is still remarkably stable under the general bump, rattle and roll of some trail time.
The kidney belt like waist strap, adds plenty of extra support and the main shoulder straps are surprisingly light and comfortable on those long rides. …View More

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Stans No Tubes ZTR FLOW EX

At first glance, the Flow EX rims look too light to be a strong and durable Downhill rim. Weighing in at 490grams (that’s 165grams lighter than a Mavic 823!) I expected them to only last a few runs before I would be changing them out. I was wrong.
Stan’s have put a lot of time and thought into the engineering of these rims, focusing on how the tyre works and designing the rim around its performance. The low profile of the side wall gives you a strong and durable platform which not only creates a fantastic bead edge for the tyre to lock secularly into place, but also allows the tyre to form its intended shape to give you optimum grip. This also means it has the ability to run lower pressures and reduces the likelihood of burping or pinch flats. …Continue Reading

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How WA Roll is Film Things first feature film, made in collaboration with Kian Esmaili Productions  and Sean Lee Photography and it is more than worthy of a feature in any passionate mountainbikers DVD collection. Comprised entirely of rider sections Film Things How WA Roll’s is not essentially a mountainbiking film and although mountain bikers sections do preside over most of the running time of the film, this is about WA and the talented individuals it has across many disciplines, including Downhill, Cross Country, Moto, BMX racing and Moto trials.

Not particularly used to watching the last three options I sat down for my first viewing of HWAR, with a open mind. The riding in this film was top notch even from the locals out at York, Reece Tucknott showed just how smooth and fast you can go on a hardtail on pea gravel , Todd Madsen takes some suicidal lines in a quarry which would make for my personal favourite section, Luke Ball brings the usual whips, jumps and berm destruction we have come to expect from web edits we’ve seen and the Nolan Brothers who show off their impressive style in park bmx and trial motos. Skipping through some sections the second time it more than pumped me up for my afternoon ride. …Finish reading and find out about the How WA Roll give away

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