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What a weekend of racing!

There is a World Cup in Cairns, an XCM in Atherton, and of course – the Giant Odyssey, round 2 of the Maverick Marathon Series in Forrest / Otway Ranges – Victoria.

Capital Punishment, the first ‘Classic’ of the year feels like a long time ago now. Whilst the race itself may be a memory – run, won, and reported – it did inaugurate the Maverick Series for 2014. A series designed to pull together 4 of the best Marathon races in Australia, and really drive “inter-mate” competition, at the front, middle and back of the field.
In the Elite catagories at Capital Punishment, it was Dylan Cooper taking out the mens race in what was a hugely tactical event, and Jenny Fay dominating the womens field. The wins rewarded them with maximum points in the series, but snapping at their heels – Shaun Lewis and Naomi Hansen both scored well with their 2nd places. …View More

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Eighteen years after having hosted the World Champs the first time, Cairns was home to the second round of the 2014 World Cup. With both Mick and Tracey Hannah being Cairns locals, this race was really important for the team as this is their home track, literally.
Track conditions were made unbearable due to the torrential rain that struck the course Thursday and Friday, making the greasy mud and roots even slipperier than they are in the dry.
With some great results in South Africa and the team was very keen to do well in front of the Hannah’s home crowd, here’s how it went down. Pictures after the jump …View More

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Before Enduro came to Australian shores Ryan Connell was into it, he’s spent the last few summers sampling the best trails Europe has to offer and learning all there is to know about this new branch of the sport. Whilst he is not one of the fastest racers of the discipline, he sure makes up for it with his dedication to training and his all out speed. Read on for some insight into this unique athlete and his quest to the top.

Where did the mountain biking all start for you?
I got into mountain biking through BMX racing when I was nine. A couple of years later I realised that it wasn’t really my thing, I picked up a DaBomb hardtail and started riding around the suburbs even then I wasn’t that into mountainbiking. It was really just me getting bored with one and moving onto another, until I got a downhill bike, which was a Specialized Demo 8. A good friend gave it to me to use and then a year down the track I started racing downhill. Not longer after I upgraded to a Rotec RL9 which was an excellent bike, you could be smashing the most off camber corners and it wouldn’t let go, it was an absolute beast of bike. When your a wee frother, your only interested in fun but as time has passed there’s been a gradual shift from downhill to cross country. It’s not that I don’t like downhill or cross country it’s just I’m always on the hunt for something new and sparks my interest. Which is what has finally led me to Enduro. …View More

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Road cycling and Mountain biking are both complex and deeply intricate sports. In the comparison of road and mountain biking at first it would appear that they are quite similar. But after further analysis it is clear that, they couldn’t be more different…

I have been a mountain biker since I was a boy. I have trained on the road since 2005 and also done a fair amount of road racing over the years. Last year I gave road racing a serious crack, a mountain biker would say I was ‘behind enemy lines’ and a road cyclist would say ‘Are you making the transition to road?’ Personally I just wanted to try something different and scope out what all the fuss was about. After racing both road and MTB at an international level, I have a deeper understanding of what Mountain Biking and road cycling is all about.

In basic terms Mountain biking is off road on a purpose built bike that allows the rider to overcome technical obstacle-filled trails and challenging terrain. Road bikes are made to go fast on smooth sealed surfaces. Speed is key in Road cycling and pushing as much power as possible through the pedals at crucial moments.…View More

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Sam Hill is back along with his long time previous mechanic Jacy Shumilak. What will the pair be able to do in Pietermaritzburg. Is this another championship year?
Joe Smith returns along side as does new team member Mike Jones, who is suffering a broken hand. That’s enough chatter though, watch and see to how the first World Cup of the season played out.

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Two disciplines. Two Days. Two Championship Titles.

This is the second year running that Rocky Trail Entertainment have run the Rollercoaster or All Mountain and the Downhill NSW State Championships back to back. Whilst it is a tight schedule to fit into two days that is not what makes these events come alive, it’s the timing. As one of the last days of Autumn before the Winter season and snow really rolls in, there is absolutely no telling what sort of weather Thredbo will turn on.

The All Mountain.

Arriving on Friday to rain shower, after rain shower, there was nothing to be done but to stay inside. Those that were brave enough to battle the elements looked like they and dived head first down the track sans bike, covered head to toe in sloppy mud. By Saturday morning the conditions had changed, little trail wise but for the most part the rain did stay away.
The most upper section of the Flow trail was shut due to the excessive 100mm or more of slop mud, that would surely only erode away with the two fifty plus riders on course for practice and racing. Timed runs would start next to Kareela Hut a long time famous stop off for those riding the downhill track. For those who have yet to experience Thredbo’s Flow track, it is a pretty straight forward affair, the trail traverses the ski runs, generally punctuated by some sort of 180 berm that spits you back in the opposite direction. It is a fun trail and there is nothing overtly technical about it and that has reflected in the results at previous events, being so heavily dominated by cross country riders. A little bit of skill and a lot of fitness serves you well here. …View More

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Last weekends Wombat 100 was a true show of marathon racing with Cory Wallace attacking from behind to not only catch the break away but to then launch off the front for the win. It was a sincere show of skill from the visiting Canadian. Shaun Lewis and Chris Jongewaard rounded out the rest of the top three. Mel Anset our new National Marathon Champion claimed the Elite Womens win but don’t just read it here, click and watch to see how the race unfolded.

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