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Round two of the Yakima Sunshine Series for 2014 headed to Toowoomba with riders getting up the range for a few wild runs down the famous “Mackenzie Frenzy”, Tbah’s iconic DH track. The Frenzy is known and loved for its high-speed sections, big senders and loose rocks. The loyal trail crew at Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club had the track running fast with a few sweet new features. Early on Saturday morning there was some crazy grip up on track for the first few practice runs, but with 200 riders about to hit the mountain, it didn’t last long. Downhill races in Toowoomba always come with a great atmosphere and this weekend did not disappoint. …View More

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Sam Payet is just one of the current crop of fast downhill and enduro riders on the come up in Western Australia. He’s a regular podium attendee and has some wicked style on the bike but that’s not a lot to go on so we thought we’d sit down and ask him a few questions.

What bikes are you currently riding?
For downhill I’m on a Morewood Makulu which I’ve had for about 6 months now, the suspension is pretty active so its tracks really well and its super fun on rougher tracks. I’ve also been riding Morewoods Sukuma out on the trails and some of the more tame downhill tracks over here, it’s a pretty playful bike and is perfect for a mid-week shred on the trails.

Do you enduro?
I mountainbike does that count?

Who do you think is going to surprise us on the race scene this year?
There’s few guys that have come over from motocross who are getting pretty quick, at the same time some of the other regulars have been training really hard so I think instead of any standout performances we can expect a pretty tight top 5 with most guys looking to push up the ranks. …View More

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Louis Hamilton may be one of the lesser recognised downhillers of New Zealand but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fast. As per usual he delivers in spades in this edit, a sort of prelude to heading over for his first World Cups of the year. Filmed and Edited by Thomas Falconer – Intheframemedia.co.nz

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Round one of the Yakima Sunshine Series for 2014 opened at Cedar Creek for a weekend of loose runs down Nik Jasinski’s track – “Hell’s Descent”. The famously steep and dusty track was raced late in the 2013 season, the dusty brown powder from last years race was replaced with grip and hero dirt for the 2014 opener. Chris Kovarik said the track was in the best condition he had seen it. The prime conditions set the scene for a fast weekend of racing, with a stacked top end of the field showing up to start the season.

Despite the perfect conditions, the track still proved to be a big challenge. Saturday practice saw a heap of the corners starting to get blown out – a sign of things to come. The gradient of the hill left little room for error, bad line choices had a bunch of riders taking trips through the bunting and over the bars. Each run revealed new loose rocks and tree roots were gradually being carved out of the dirt. Riders were working out the fine balance between holding it wide open for the fast top and bottom sections of the track, while trying to carry momentum through the technical switchbacks down the middle. …View More

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Alex Jaeger roosting the rocky hairpin

Over 100 competitors and a large number of spectators were out at the picturesque Golden Grove Orchards track for the second round of the Peel Districts Mountain Bike Club WA State Downhill Series. Golden Grove produces some of the best orange juice in the world as well as a great fun downhill track that is really good for spectators – being able to see about a third of the track from the grassed areas.

Live timing was again a hit, with riders and spectators crowding around to see if the next rider’s time on the big display would do better than the current leader. The live timing means the format was able to follow the World Cup format – qualifying was used to seed the riders in each category so that the fastest went down last, hoping to sit in the hot seat. After racing was done the top 30 riders were then sent back up the hill to do one more run – either for the spectators or to try shave another second or two! …View More

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Andrew Crimmins is a young, up and coming racer who this year joined the Kona World Cup team as their Junior Category rider. He is one of the fastest junior riders Australia has seen in recent years but before he could strut his stuff on the big stage he suffered an accident in practice at the first World Cup in Pietermaritzburg. Here he is to explain more :

So Andy obviously a bit of a bummer going out in the first round, can you tell us how it happened? Yeah I couldn’t believe it at the time, I put so much effort into getting ready for that race and everything just went out the window on the first day of practice. I was incredibly disappointed when it happened, I felt like I let so many people down. Now all I can think about is getting back on the bike and getting fit again!
As for how it happened, I pretty much just cased the jump called “the money maker” went over the bars still clipped in and hit my knee on a rock that was half in the ground. I didn’t think to much of it until I tried to get up and realized it was legitimately stuffed. …View More

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With a victory in the GP7-hour competition, Callum McNamara from Canberra is the new elite solo men’s series leader of the SHIMANO Mountain Bike Grand Prix. More than 250 racers participated at Round 2, which was held at the James Estate Winery in the Upper Hunter Valley. Max Richardson from the Central Coast came in second and Jason Pearce from Sydney was in third. In the women’s solo elite category, Laura Renshaw won her first GP7 Hour event ahead of new series leader and fellow Novocastrian Kirby Knowles and Deb Davies from Weston near Cessnock. In the popular GP4 Hour race, Paris Basson from Narrabeen took out first place in the elite men’s and Brook Rowlands from Canberra won the women’s category.

It was the second mountain bike event to be held at the James Estate Winery after the inaugural SHIMANO MTB Grand Prix race there last year. The efforts of the winery’s General Manager and trail builder Graeme Scott and the team didn’t get unnoticed as riders from all over NSW and the ACT praised the 10km race track, which led them through more than 5km of fast and flowy bush single tracks and then straight through the vineyards and the actual winery, past the cellar door and across beautiful meadows with scenic views of the Upper Hunter Valley. …View More

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