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With my focus mainly on Enduro this year it took a while to reach my first race of 2014 but when it came it was a blast. The opening round of the Rollercoaster series from Rocky Trail Entertainment came together at Ourimbah with some great trails and excellent weather.

I may have overcooked the training leading up though with an over the bars resulting in a few dislocated ribs in my back. Not your typical injury but it does mean that I can ride albeit with a little preservation in mind. So the mornings practice was a lot more laid back than usual and instead of fitting in as much practice as I could on the day, I decided to take things a bit easier and saved it for race runs. …View More

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Ben Dengate slaying a dusty corner mid track

There is always one round in the NSW state series season that comes under the effect of “Whistler Syndrome” and this year that round was Ourimbah. That is to say that a prominent number of riders in the Elite field and bits and pieces of several others category’s are in the Canadian bikers town of Whistler, shredding trails and generally soaking up the atmosphere. This ‘effect’ and the inclusion of a ride day a few weeks earlier, saw rider numbers at practice on saturday a little down. The Fools.

The track for the third round of the Red Ass series was dry and dusty and the shuttle lines short, making it quite easy to punch through a multitude of runs by lunchtime. Handy, given that there was a new section to master and fun to be had. Continue reading

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The Deubel 2UP wins its first XC race in the Elite men category !
Fantastic results for Matt Harrington and Richard Napper who have been smashing laps for 7hrs at round 3 of the Shimano Grand Prix held by Rocky Trail Entertainment at Ourimbah. The 2UP owned the up-down track, showing its sensational pedalling efficiency and the quality of its suspension. This now brings the achievement of the 2UP to 26 podiums at Cross Country, All Mountain and Downhill races. At both, National and State levels. The 2UP is ready for ANYTHING. ARE YOU ?
Do you want to test ride the Deubel 2UP ? Book online your test ride onboard the 2UP at deubel.com.au

Special thanks to our partners Rocky Trail Entertainment, Bike Addiction and Ride FOX- Australia. Filmed, edited, produced by Ty Bowmaker: facebook.com/captyvatemedia

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Nienke Oostra negotiates a rock section

Rolling into the Ourimbah Mountain bike area and it is busy, wall to wall team tents and bikes going every which way. There is a large line-up at registration, this isn’t unfamiliar though, Rocky Trail Entertainment have built on their Grand Prix Series since 2009 and it is now one of the most popular events on the mountain bike calendar. I reach the rego table and Juliane from RTE confirms the big number of rider entries, it is around 300.

There is the usual scurry around to get prepared for the next four hours of racing, finding a clear patch of dirt beside the trail I place my bottles next to other riders from WSMTB. I pull out the chosen bike for the day and now that I’m here I second guess the choice of a hard-tail. While the Ourimbah trail has plenty of flow, it is technically demanding with rocks and roots to bounce off, hopefully the 29er wheels can just do their thing. I scuff the dirt with my shoe, it looks pretty dry up in the transition area, there were a few questions leading up to the weekend, re the weather but it looks the goods for at least the top sections of trail. …View More

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Bernard Rider Michal Kafka with a crafty Jason English in tow

Race update, Friday 10am: The race is postponed….again!

We are very sorry to inform you so late, but we simply have no other option than to postpone the race again. Until yesterday the forecast for the Central Coast looked like rain on Friday and showers on Saturday, but has changed significantly overnight to rain through until Sunday.

***New date for Round 1 – Easter Monday, 1 April***Back at – Awaba MTB Park***

We want to give you a fun and safe race and in those conditions it won’t be. We are as disappointed as you are, because we were really excited to kick off the series with you. Sponsors lined up, track marked and ready to go… please stick with us and we promise that Round 1, when it’s finally going to be run is going to go oooooooff! …View More

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Alexander Buring gets over the back on his way through this descent

After being split between two camps last year, All Mountain has come under one banner in NSW to produce the Rocky Trail Rollercoaster Series, with a full roster and tracks. Round one yesterday was at Ourimbah to much success, postponed by one week due to rain the turnout was perhaps not as strong as it should have been but was still formidable. Utilising the upper section of the downhill track and lower “Rollercoaster” section of the cross country course, there was fun had by all with the top being dry and the bottom wet.
Racing was fast and furious and not without casualties, local Brad Kelly took the win in Elite Men with Jon Odams and legend Michael Ronning in second and third. There was some dispute with timing but more on that later. In the womens Genevieve McKew took out the top spot from Vanessa Thompson and Lauren Mackertich.
Full report in the upcoming mag including all the thrills and spills. Results can be found HERE. Click through for gallery Continue reading

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The 2012 NSW state champs held at Ourimbah on the central coast is done and dusted for another year. Anybody who has ridden the track before will know all about the epic pedaling section about half way down the course. Depending on how deep you dig can be make-or-break for your race run. Due to this physically demanding section, the track usually favours the bigger and more powerful riders who can unleash fury on the seemingly endless fireroad section.

The rest of the track has also seen some recent changes, which was built on the existing line, but with some new obstacles thrown in. The top section is like a four-cross track on steroids; with huge bermed corners and some decent sized jumps. This section was a place of contemplation for many riders, having to decide weather to commit to the huge A-line gap jumps or take the easier B-line with smaller tabletop jumps. The jumps were awesome fun to ride, and apparently great to watch as well with many spectators surrounding the jumps waiting for carnage. …View More

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