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The 2012 NSW state champs held at Ourimbah on the central coast is done and dusted for another year. Anybody who has ridden the track before will know all about the epic pedaling section about half way down the course. Depending on how deep you dig can be make-or-break for your race run. Due to this physically demanding section, the track usually favours the bigger and more powerful riders who can unleash fury on the seemingly endless fireroad section.

The rest of the track has also seen some recent changes, which was built on the existing line, but with some new obstacles thrown in. The top section is like a four-cross track on steroids; with huge bermed corners and some decent sized jumps. This section was a place of contemplation for many riders, having to decide weather to commit to the huge A-line gap jumps or take the easier B-line with smaller tabletop jumps. The jumps were awesome fun to ride, and apparently great to watch as well with many spectators surrounding the jumps waiting for carnage. …View More

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