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Louis Hamilton may be one of the lesser recognised downhillers of New Zealand but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fast. As per usual he delivers in spades in this edit, a sort of prelude to heading over for his first World Cups of the year. Filmed and Edited by Thomas Falconer – Intheframemedia.co.nz

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The movie short follows the C3 group of Trek athletes as they take on some of the major mountain biking destinations throughout New Zealand including Skyline, The Frew Farm, Gorge Road and Rude Rock.
This is more a movie for the Dirt Jump and Freeride addicted than the straight downhill crowd with the longest sections being The Frew Farm and Gorge Jumps. With that being said however, Not Bad, has one of the best All Mountain scenes seen thus far as Shandro and Wildhaber tear ‘Rude Rock’ a new one.

Hero shots are abound for Mr Semenuk and crew but the highlight shot is clearly Brook MacDonald’s drift to berm destruction section ender in the ‘Skyline’ section.
The pace is fast and there is plenty to keep you frothing and with the feature running at only thirty minutes in length, it’s perfect for that bus or train ride home. The riding is tastefully accompanied by some notable names in music including The Bronx, The Black Seeds, Grafton Primary and more.

So should you grab it? At the price of a movie ticket (a measly eleven bucks on itunes) its well worth your time but don’t expect anything absolutely radical.

7/10 Grab it here : NOT BAD

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All the guys had gathered after a days practice at a local DH event and the beers and chatter were flowing. One of the topics was Queenstown, New Zealand and how we should go ride there because of the stories we were hearing and the videos we had seen online. I announce ‘who’s in?’. Everyone replied ‘Im in’.

On the 1st of December we would fly out of Sydney and land directly at Queenstown. A Super Shuttle later ($8NZ each) and we’d arrived at our hostel, Pinewood, for the next 8 nights. I totally recommend this as a cheap, close to EVERYTHING accommodation and at $25NZ a night, an absolute steal. The best part about Pinewood is the distance to the Skyline Gondola, the town centre and the supermarket (they sell beer), which are all within 500 meters radius. It’s ridiculous! …View More

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