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It's f@#ken Jesse Beare !!!!!!!!

Whilst everyone else saw a dumbed down track, Steve Smith saw opportunity. Today that optimistic view yielded a number one seed. Whilst Smith looks all set to take his World Cup win, those who have seeded in behind can only be described as the hungriest of the hungry. Danny Hart is little over a second down whilst, Sam Blenkinsop and Aaron Gwin are well within range in 3rd and 4th. Mr all too consistent Gregg Minnaar slots into 5th whilst all round Aussie good guy Sam Hill is in 6th. All up finals are set to go off! …View More

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Dave McMillan gets in some airtime. All out speed and jumps means plenty of time to slap bass, hopefully we'll see him in the top 80 once again.

“Dumbed down”, that’s what the riders say. For a track that is renown as ‘the mans track’, it’s a little bit of a let down for some, for others its a chance to shine though. Mist and sodden surfaces greeted riders today and TBS was there to capture it all. Who looks fast and whos taking chances, check the pic’s after the jump …View More

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