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Sam Payet is just one of the current crop of fast downhill and enduro riders on the come up in Western Australia. He’s a regular podium attendee and has some wicked style on the bike but that’s not a lot to go on so we thought we’d sit down and ask him a few questions.

What bikes are you currently riding?
For downhill I’m on a Morewood Makulu which I’ve had for about 6 months now, the suspension is pretty active so its tracks really well and its super fun on rougher tracks. I’ve also been riding Morewoods Sukuma out on the trails and some of the more tame downhill tracks over here, it’s a pretty playful bike and is perfect for a mid-week shred on the trails.

Do you enduro?
I mountainbike does that count?

Who do you think is going to surprise us on the race scene this year?
There’s few guys that have come over from motocross who are getting pretty quick, at the same time some of the other regulars have been training really hard so I think instead of any standout performances we can expect a pretty tight top 5 with most guys looking to push up the ranks. …View More

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You must be one of very few to get their hands on the latest version of the Makulu, how long have you had it and how does it ride? I’ve had the Morewood for a couple of months now, and its been really good. Very different to my previous frame, but definitely a fun ride. Loves going fast and big jumps.

Riders have differing opinions when it comes to Marzocchi, how have you found the 888 evo’s so far? I actually bought mine before I got a deal with them. I rode them for 2 months in whistler and they blew away every other fork I’ve ridden. I have a couple of little mods on mine, and they feel amazing. Definitely going to stick with Marzocchi from now on! …View More

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