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Andrew Crimmins is a young, up and coming racer who this year joined the Kona World Cup team as their Junior Category rider. He is one of the fastest junior riders Australia has seen in recent years but before he could strut his stuff on the big stage he suffered an accident in practice at the first World Cup in Pietermaritzburg. Here he is to explain more :

So Andy obviously a bit of a bummer going out in the first round, can you tell us how it happened? Yeah I couldn’t believe it at the time, I put so much effort into getting ready for that race and everything just went out the window on the first day of practice. I was incredibly disappointed when it happened, I felt like I let so many people down. Now all I can think about is getting back on the bike and getting fit again!
As for how it happened, I pretty much just cased the jump called “the money maker” went over the bars still clipped in and hit my knee on a rock that was half in the ground. I didn’t think to much of it until I tried to get up and realized it was legitimately stuffed. …View More

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Tegan Molloy is a racer who is quietly spoken, a rider who really let’s her results do the talking. Over the past summer season she has really come into her own, leading the charge in Women’s downhill in Australia with strong results in both the VIC and NSW state downhill series. She rarely misses a weekend, fighting under the Kona Factory Australia banner, racing is in her blood. Now looking to the future, she is ready to tackle the entire World Cup series and we caught up with Tegan to find out just how this all came about.

There aren’t too many girls who enter downhill at a young age, what got you hooked on downhill?
My first introduction to mountain bikes was through school sport when I was at Jindabyne Central School. We would ride the local trails and dirt jumps within riding distance of the school. At that time I had a low entry mountain bike which I rode fairly hard, dad thought I was going to break it if I continued riding it the way I did. So I started to ride dad’s hard tail instead and loved it. That same year I tried downhill mountain biking in Thredbo, I only did it twice that season, but I was hooked. The Christmas of 2008 I got my first downhill bike.

You used to ride Kona under a bit of a Thredbo banner but how did the jump to the official Australian Kona Factory Team come about?

My first downhill bike was actually a Kona Stinky, which I rode at my first National Champs in Canberra, this is where I first met Ty McLean (Kona Brand Manager). South East MTB who originally had the mountain bike shop in Thredbo stocked Kona as their hire bikes which I maintained a connection with as well as Ty. So at the beginning of 2013 when Kona Australia was looking for a junior female rider for their team, I was lucky enough to be the rider they took on. …View More

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For the first time in three years National Championships returned to the Nation’s capital of Canberra, to the same location as the 2008 World Cup and 2009 World Championships. Whilst the hill has much to live up to in terms of track quality, the quality of the field racing was more than exceptional. With the likes of Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan, Mick Hannah, Chris Kovarik and Jared Graves, the racing was set to come down to the line and come down to the line it did. Representing the team for the weekend was Tegan Molloy, Dean Lucas and Connor Fearon.
National Championships is a long affair with practice and track walk drawn out over five days rather than the usual three. Arriving in Canberra on Wednesday, the track was dry and the sun was out, a polar opposite compared to what race day would turn out to be. The track itself is a very tough track to race on with large sections of rock gardens, gaps and near endless corners. The hard pack surface and nature of the track favored a stiffer setup than usual, especially due to the lack of vertical meters. …View More

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A crew of us from Newcastle rocked up Fri in time to walk the track and check out lines, more so in the top section, as that has changed since I was there last. We headed back to our ‘resort’ for a pre race toast & some good old pub grub! We rocked up early on sat & as soon as the first bus was hooked up with its trailer we were on! Had a conservative first run, getting the feel of the track, rocks that bounced you about and keeping a watchful eye out for any nasty cross winds that Stromlo is famous for! By the 3rd & 4th runs I was feeling much better, bike was handling the track like a dream. I kept nailing my line choices, was hitting up most of the jumps and managed to keep the rubber side down all day. I even took the time to coach the two Junior Girls down, helping them with line choices, giving them the confidence to hit up jumps for the first time and making their race run more smooth. I was helped out with Michelle Crisp (Giant rider) with demonstrations and extra advice. …View More

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Kona riders Dean Lucas follows Connor Fearon down the wet and wild Downhill World Championships track in Leogang, Austria.

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The self proclaimed “World cup ready race bike” Is a promise that kona delivers on and NOT ONLY THAT they also boast “extremely easy to maintain, with incredibly supple rear suspension and ride characteristics engineered to last”. A big call from a company thats heritage is more about huck than race.

The Kona is every bit a race ready bike that has a ride personality that is all business. The massively adjustable suspension, laterally stiff over sized pivots and smooth suspension action are all reflective of the speed that this steed is designed for. With multiple adjustments for compression and rebound dampening this bike takes some tweaking to get the best performance from the 4 bar walking link design but when the set up is right this combination comes alive. Continue reading

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