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With my focus mainly on Enduro this year it took a while to reach my first race of 2014 but when it came it was a blast. The opening round of the Rollercoaster series from Rocky Trail Entertainment came together at Ourimbah with some great trails and excellent weather.

I may have overcooked the training leading up though with an over the bars resulting in a few dislocated ribs in my back. Not your typical injury but it does mean that I can ride albeit with a little preservation in mind. So the mornings practice was a lot more laid back than usual and instead of fitting in as much practice as I could on the day, I decided to take things a bit easier and saved it for race runs. …View More

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In a follow on of sorts to the “Morning Trails” edit a few months ago Jon Odams and Eastern Edge Films have put together this banger of a short. The Sydney Hustle is sure to inspire you to get out on the trails, that’s for sure.

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At last the Sutherland Short Track has returned to wednesday nights, that perfect little mid week break to catch up with some mates, elevate that heart rate and have a bash round some berms. I had missed the first round but I'm certainly glad I didn't miss this one as there was some exceptionally close racing in A Grade. Jon Odams made the holeshot in front of Troy Fisher and Matt Potter but it was all a question of how long would it last? With Odams cracking around on a 150mm enduro whilst the others were on hardtails, it would truly be a test on a course that pretty much could be ridden on a rigid.
Mid race and Odams continued to hold the lead, Fisher had dropped back and Potter had begun his attack. Aaron Felton also on his enduro steed was making a strong play for third. Potter soon had the lead but was unable to drop Odams, with a measley two or three metre gap separating them out.
Coming into the final turn the race looked to be all in Potters favour but a tremendous sprint in the final straight saw Odams pip Potter on the line by perhaps a quarter of a wheel. Tight racing. In B Grade Connor Mackne made gravy sprinting ahead of the pack early on to take the lead and win with ease. …View More

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 From the moment I knew we had one in to test , I had to get a hold of it. I was not disappointed in my lust for it either as it truly turned out to be the best trail pack I’ve had in years. Deuter have definitely put a great deal of care and thought into what exactly riders need out of a pack.
Putting the bag on it is one of the lightest and most breathable feeling bags on the market with its special air comfort design. What is air comfort design? It’s the frame mesh that sits off the main body of the bag which allows air to flow through to your back whilst riding. An innovative feature for many of you who are used to walking around with a heavy sweat patch in the centre of your back, post ride. Despite how the bag sits off the body it is still remarkably stable under the general bump, rattle and roll of some trail time.
The kidney belt like waist strap, adds plenty of extra support and the main shoulder straps are surprisingly light and comfortable on those long rides. …View More

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Jon Odams

Joshua Carlson wins the second FLOW Rollercoaster enduro gravity state series round at Wisemans Ferry. Organisers Rocky Trail had arranged two different race tracks for the more than 100 competitors at picturesque Del Rio riverside venue and the 26-year old mountain bike and all-mountain racing pro from Wollongong dominated the high-profile elite men’s field. Jon Odams from Sydney took out the second place and downhill legend Michal Ronning from Hope Island (QLD) claims again third ahead of Mick Ross (Sydney, NSW) and Jason Blackmore (Pullenvale, QLD). …View More

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“For the Privateers project I wanted to do something different to the standard Mountainbike film. A film where it isn’t just the top five or so guys being followed, instead, looking into those who are aiming to be the best they can. I wanted to take a step back and look at the riders who aren’t sponsored such as Luke, Jon and Mark. When I was selecting these riders I wanted them to have an interesting story that would relate to fellow Mountainbikers. …View More & Behind the Scenes

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Some RAD all mountain footage of Bike Culture‘s Jon Odams around some local trails in Sydney. Thanks to Eastern Edge Films. Song is ‘My Heart Is On Fire’ by Asta

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