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The opening round of the Finish Line Singletrack Mind Series has been widely heralded as a fantastic success. The planets aligned with perfect weather, a sublime course and a high quality field including the current Solo 24 Hour MTB World Champion Jason English.
Round 1 would also unveil plenty of new initiatives for the 2014 season with Finish Line now the headline sponsor of the series, 4 Hour solo racing categories added, and the launch of the Chocolate Foot Women’s development team.

Since the last Finish Line Singletrack Mind Series event at Taree in 2013, the word has spread about the brilliantly built and magnificently maintained trails of the Manning-Great Lakes Tip Riders Club. Competitors arrived back to the transition zone with massive smiles after each and every lap, many saying that this was the finest track they’d ever raced on. …Read More

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After receiving nothing less than glowing praise after last Sunday’s opening round of the SRAM Singletrack Mind series, the incredible flowing trails of Kiwarrak State Forest at Taree are likely to see mountain bikers descending en masse to experience them first hand. Race promoter Chocolate Foot has helped put Taree firmly on the MTB map making it part of the prestigious SRAM Singletrack Mind series.

Now in its fourth year the SRAM Singletrack Mind series is well established as the premier east coast endurance mountain bike series and attracts a host of highly-credentialed riders and teams such as OnTheGo and Target Trek. The star entrant for round one was none other than Port Macquarie’s 4-time World solo 24 hour and 2-time MTB Marathon National Champion, Jason English. Fresh off his second Marathon Championships win the previous weekend his main rival, Canberra’s Ed McDonald, would be hoping that the tough course at Atherton might have drained English’s legs. …View More

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Rocking up almost late after a near serious time wasting, yet picturesque detour , I headed through the Jet Black flagged gated entrance as the full mass of the field and tent empire looms before me in, well , a field. For 364 days of the year Dargle Farm is a working farm, cattle, paddocks, abandoned moto jumps the lot but for that one other day it is Sydney’s favourite twelve hour. The Jet Black/WSMTB 12hr.
In the realm of multiple hour enduro racing this would have to be up high in the list, it just has that vibe, that every rider craves . Also time wise it is not so long that you are longing to go home but long enough that you have to test your limits. That may not sound fun to you but from go to woe, enjoyment levels never really seem to drop at this one

Whilst the telly the night before hinted at rain, everyone was lucky enough that it was only overcast skies and wind that greeted us at the start of the race. Abandoning the pre race riders meeting, I headed out to a more interesting vantage point, standing just outside of the event centre looking back across it. Even a couple hundred meters away I could hear the start, the countdown and then the distant screams of family members cheering on loved ones. Then it was on.

Click through for the full report on the JET BLACK 12hr and massive gallery

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