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A sweet edit but perhaps jump about a minute in for the real sideways action! “Forget the glitzy, glammy, boring-story-bother of most mountain biking videos these days, we want to get to the point and see some downhill riding, dammit.

David Mcmillan and Matt Walker are two privateer downhill racers from the Southern hemisphere, traveling the world and loving life on two wheels. Hafjell was host to the penultimate round of the downhill world cup season, but with an amazing mountain bike park it’d be rude not to enjoy the other trails the mountain has to offer. Whips and Scrubs…!”

Director: Gee Milner
Athletes: David Mcmillan, Matt Walker

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The gravity-fed guys go way, way north for the penultimate round of the 2013 UCI Downhill World Cup held at Hafjell, Norway. Troy Brosnan and Mitch Ropelato headline for Specialized Racing, while Aaron Gwin is forced to sit out due to a shoulder injury sustained at the World Championships.
In rain-soaked conditions, Mitch’s development continues, cracking the top-20 with a fast run despite a mishap. Troy posts another top-10 but clearly will not be satisfied until he hits the top step of the podium.

Follow Specialized Racing at http://www.iamspecialized.com
Video shot by John Lawlor and Victor Lucas. Produced by Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

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Mick didn't have the run he deserved, better luck next time

The weekend started off in the best of ways with Mick and Tracey getting excellent qualifying results. Tracey came down in 5th in dry conditions proving that she has really well recovered from her recent injuries. Mick did a nearly perfect run scoring the fastest times on the 2 first splits and then only loosing the first spot by 0.1 behind Gee Atherton after making a small mistake on the last section. Fabien had a clean run and clocked a reasonable 65th place.
Guillaume was not so lucky with his qualifying run. He punctured his front wheel in one of the vicious rock gardens at the middle of the course and although desperately trying to get to the finish line in time, he crashed twice on the bottom part and didn’t make it for Sunday finals. …View More

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Greg in a fresh rainbow jersey.

Cripple on the loose! Tim Bardsley-Smith is back on it at the Hafjell World Cup, cooking up this gallery from practice and qualifying just for you. So check it out after the jump …View More

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See Mik and the team at the final World Cup in Hafjell. Amazingly,Tracey still manages to take out fourth in the overall despite missing two races, congrats Tracey. Tracey is also back up and walking and her collarbone is well underway in its healing. Hopefully we will see both Aussie racers this National Season smashing it out. Check out http://www.facebook.com/UnitedRIde to stay up to date with the team in the off season.

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Sam Hill closes out season top-5 overall in UCI World Cup Series.

The 2012 Downhill MTB World Cup season wrapped up this weekend in Hafjell, Norway and Monster Energy Specialized’s Sam Hill (AUS) raced to 7th place under blue skies, on a track that had him smiling all week.

The track here in Norway was new to the world cup circuit, but has been used in the past for European championships as well as other local events. It is bedded in and extremely fast when the unpredictable Norwegian weather cooperates. It included everything form massive jumps, to incredibly technical rock gardens that challenged even the best of racers. The weather was wet and cold at the beginning of the week, but cleared up on race day and racing took place under perfect conditions. Hill closed out his rebuilding season, following 2 seasons of injuries with a 5th place in the World Cup overall.

Sam had this to say following the race: “My day went pretty good. I had a solid race run. I would have liked to finish in a better position but I’m happy with how I rode. I have a lot of motivation and hunger for next season. The track was real good, it had a bit of everything. It was pretty physical with lots of nice natural sections which is really good to see on a track these days.”

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