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Ben Hill has just taken out the U19′s Australian National season overall and to celebrate we thought we would show off his one of a kind steed. This thing is custom to the max, after a full strip down it was anodized, custom stickered and tricked out with some of the best components on the market. Check it out.

So obviously this isn’t the stock colour scheme you find on your average Flatline, so tell us a little about it? Who was behind the custom work?
Yeh the team has just changed to a matte black Anodised color with the team stickers and green Rocky Mountain logos on it. All the bikes will be going this way we were just waiting to see how it came out. But it was crundy who come up with it all.

You’ve been on the Rocky Mountain Flatline for some time now, how have you found the ride so far?
I love it. I’ve just started to get everything set up perfect now that we’ve got the new 40 forks on. I’ve never really someone who played with bike set up too much before now but having Ben “Crundy” Crundwell around has helped a lot. This thing rocks in all conditions, I love it. …View More

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Rocky Mountain in recent years has been more synonymous with trail riding and freeride than it has specifically with downhill. Out of the box the Flatline is a race build and although originally designed in part by the Rocky Mountain World Cup team back in 09, it’s not necessarily a hardcore race bike at it’s heart. Partly overseen since then by Thomas Vanderham it has clearly been tweaked for the playfulness of bike parks such as Whistler or the more extremes like the back country of Kamloops or the Red Bull Rampage. …View More

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