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This well put together edit of the first round of the World Enduro series ought to consume your lunchtime but it’s definitely worth the watch. Sit back with a sandwich and a coffee and enjoy.

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Before Enduro came to Australian shores Ryan Connell was into it, he’s spent the last few summers sampling the best trails Europe has to offer and learning all there is to know about this new branch of the sport. Whilst he is not one of the fastest racers of the discipline, he sure makes up for it with his dedication to training and his all out speed. Read on for some insight into this unique athlete and his quest to the top.

Where did the mountain biking all start for you?
I got into mountain biking through BMX racing when I was nine. A couple of years later I realised that it wasn’t really my thing, I picked up a DaBomb hardtail and started riding around the suburbs even then I wasn’t that into mountainbiking. It was really just me getting bored with one and moving onto another, until I got a downhill bike, which was a Specialized Demo 8. A good friend gave it to me to use and then a year down the track I started racing downhill. Not longer after I upgraded to a Rotec RL9 which was an excellent bike, you could be smashing the most off camber corners and it wouldn’t let go, it was an absolute beast of bike. When your a wee frother, your only interested in fun but as time has passed there’s been a gradual shift from downhill to cross country. It’s not that I don’t like downhill or cross country it’s just I’m always on the hunt for something new and sparks my interest. Which is what has finally led me to Enduro. …View More

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An excellent little blog entry from Cam Ryan we really think you should check out. There is a short version or a long version depending on your interest but more importantly there is a helmet cam of every stage of the race, you can find that after the jump.

I’m always excited to have the opportunity to race interstate, but I legitimately struggle to sleep in the lead up to a race in Bright: steep, technical, loamy tracks; awesome town, huge river, what more could you want? (I’ve included longer descriptions of how the days went, but if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to read stuff I’ve put together some 35 word summaries for ya! (Helmet Cam footage, pictures of trees and full stage run-downs are below)

Friday (35 word summary): Rode shuttles with some fellas from Adelaide in the Giant van, super muddy. I got to practice most stages but didn’t have time to get familiar, was a rad time crashing my brains out everywhere.

Friday: After arriving in Bright late the night before, it was time to get up and do some shuttles in an attempt to remember the stages we’d be racing in the coming days (although shuttling isn’t really the spirit of enduro we had two massive days ahead so I was going to do anything I could to save energy!) I was lucky enough to snag a spot in the Giant van, riding with Adelaide guys Craig Yates, Craig Felix, Chris Dimbill and Simon Buzzacott; I even got to do a run or two with 2001 Junior World Champ and all round top bloke Ben Cory which was pretty sick! We managed to get 1-2 runs in on each of the nine stages, although I couldn’t really remember anything apart from the first 3 turns in each stage come Saturday Morning… View More

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perth view

Us westerners have been teased by stories of Gravity Enduro events in the East for a while now, so finally on the 23rd of March it was time at last for our first Gravity Enduro event, run by Steve Jainec and Phil Wilson of WA Gravity Enduro. After a few years helping out as trail builders and committee members for the state body WAMBA, these guys decided to branch out and focus on the area they were most passionate about: gravity enduro. Held at the Goatfarm MTB Park, and consisted of four timed stages each with a very distinct character that took in the wide variety of trails at the Goatfarm. While the race was made possible by the support of CRC, it was good to see a number of local bike shops including Kalamunda Cycles, Wembley Cycles and Jet Cycles in attendance showcasing their wares and having a crack at racing. …View More

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A deep early morning mist rolled over the Wingello forest but that did not dissuade riders, eagerly signing on for one of the best races of the year. The James Williamson Enduro Challenge is unique, a race unlike any other, it is a race not for personal gain, profit or glory, it is in memory of James, his ideals and his love of the bike. It is an emotional race for many, from the organisers that knew and raised him to the Elite category, full of his closest friends and in some ways a win here can mean a great deal more than stripes or medals.There is certainly a sense of family at this race and as the start loomed close, it was great to see some old faces in the mix, friends unseen over the summer, warming up and getting ready. …View More

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Sydney, Australia is where i call home this film clearly shows why. Great trails, great weather, great country

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There are many little tips and tricks that can help get one through an endurance race. Some happen in the build-up when you realise your training has been pathetic and/or none existent. Some happen on the fly as a means to limp your way to the finish. The others are often a means to make up for mistakes caused by over exuberance. In the case of the Buxton Boot camp I used them all. The Boot camp was just that, it was a hard training session designed to kick-start my post-holiday regime. A mere 5 days prior I had been living large in Hawaii, with beach, booze and buffet a plenty. A week before, I was expanding my sneaker collection in New York City. Was it a great holiday? Yes. Unfortunately however it left me in no state to race a bike.

So what follows is a step by step on how to fake your way through an endurance race. …View More

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