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Round one of the Yakima Sunshine Series for 2014 opened at Cedar Creek for a weekend of loose runs down Nik Jasinski’s track – “Hell’s Descent”. The famously steep and dusty track was raced late in the 2013 season, the dusty brown powder from last years race was replaced with grip and hero dirt for the 2014 opener. Chris Kovarik said the track was in the best condition he had seen it. The prime conditions set the scene for a fast weekend of racing, with a stacked top end of the field showing up to start the season.

Despite the perfect conditions, the track still proved to be a big challenge. Saturday practice saw a heap of the corners starting to get blown out – a sign of things to come. The gradient of the hill left little room for error, bad line choices had a bunch of riders taking trips through the bunting and over the bars. Each run revealed new loose rocks and tree roots were gradually being carved out of the dirt. Riders were working out the fine balance between holding it wide open for the fast top and bottom sections of the track, while trying to carry momentum through the technical switchbacks down the middle. …View More

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Fox Creek was a hive of activity on the weekend as the second round of the SA State Title Series was held on the Bowl Track. The weather preceding the race was average at best which certainly played on the minds of the masses as race plans were formulated in the early stages of the event!

The consensus in the AIR DH tent, however, was relatively clear. With only small amounts of ‘clearing rain’ forecast for the weekend, the senior riders held off taking to the track on Saturday morning, relying on the chance that the track would dry by mid-session and allow for practise on a course with similar conditions to what would be raced on Sunday. Henry, on the other hand, couldn’t resist the fun to be had in the mud and spent his morning getting dirty and two-wheel drifting his way down the track! The waiting game paid high dividends for the team as the sun came out at midday and grip was increasing every run out on course. …View More

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The man of the hour! With his highest yet result in Cairns Jack Moir is well and truly on his way to the top and whilst we were out gathering epic photos for his upcoming interview, Joe Killen was there capturing the angles to show just how fast Moir is. Check it out.

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Filming with Reagen is always a pleasure! His riding oozes with smooth style and that’s what I aimed to capture in this edit. Filmed at both Redsands and Mt Keira in NSW.

Like Captyvate Media to keep up to date.Music – ‘Okay’ by Shiba San

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Alex Jaeger roosting the rocky hairpin

Over 100 competitors and a large number of spectators were out at the picturesque Golden Grove Orchards track for the second round of the Peel Districts Mountain Bike Club WA State Downhill Series. Golden Grove produces some of the best orange juice in the world as well as a great fun downhill track that is really good for spectators – being able to see about a third of the track from the grassed areas.

Live timing was again a hit, with riders and spectators crowding around to see if the next rider’s time on the big display would do better than the current leader. The live timing means the format was able to follow the World Cup format – qualifying was used to seed the riders in each category so that the fastest went down last, hoping to sit in the hot seat. After racing was done the top 30 riders were then sent back up the hill to do one more run – either for the spectators or to try shave another second or two! …View More

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There is a trail down south named ‘Possums’ and whilst those who know it will more commonly know the bottom section, very few will have ventured into the topmost section set in it’s own little piece of rainforest. It’s a track that divides riders especially post rain, where mud is thick, it’s hard to stay upright and ride a line out is good form. This is the sort of track that now separates riders in Cairns, only there are no breathers, there are no bus stops and putting together a run is near impossible. The rain of the previous few days has gone and the traction that it brought with it is also gone. Replaced by a extremely slippery consistent paste of peanut butter like red clay. …View More

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In recent days Far North Queensland has felt the full effects of Cyclone Ita. Whilst the category one system dumped almost 100mm of rain in Cairns and buffeted the city with wild winds, the damage to property has been minimal and life has quickly returned to normal in the region.

Plans are still very much on track to welcome the world to Cairns in nine days time for the second round of the Mountain Bike World Cup. Tourists looking to travel to the region to be part of the “Rumble in the Rainforest”, should do so with confidence that the recent weather will not hamper their event experience.

The Cycling Australia Events and Operations team have been monitoring the Smithfield Regional Park closely over the past 48 hours. The course has absorbed considerable rainfall, however despite a couple of trees being uprooted by the strong winds, the damage has been limited. …View More

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