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Dean Lucas has signed to Devinci Global Racing as their key representative in the Junior Downhill World Cup series. A series he nearly walked away with the overall title in just last year. Fitter, stronger and more importantly wiser he is a strong contender for the 2014 World Cup Season. With the announcement made only very recently, we took the chance to chat with this rising star now that the secret is out. Read on for more.

Congratulations on making the Devinci Global Racing team. How did this all come about ?
Well it all started further back then most people would think, I was on the Australian Kona factory team and we were getting support from NS dynamics which is partly run by Nigel Reeve who also happens to be Steve smith’s mechanic. I started talking to Nigel throughout the national season and ended up getting the email address for Gabe Fox, the Devinci Global team manager. I started talking to Gabe but it was all too late for a World Cup deal (2013 season) but that’s when Cory Wagstaff comes in. He ended up talking with Gabe and sorting it all out, that as Rowney sports was becoming a Devinci importer that I could get a deal through them. After that I was on the bike I wanted to be on, I felt comfortable and I had some pretty good results at various World Cups. I got to know the Devinci team a lot better as part of that and along with my improving results came this deal. …View More

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Got the skills on the D's

Adelaide was a return to an old yet friendly rivalry between Connor Fearon and Troy Brosnan. In the end Fearon came out the victor there but with both riders showing form it was with anticipation, that the Buller National round began.
Friday’s at national downhill races are chilled. Most people still have work(surprisingly), so those racers that are there walk the track, check lines, engage in a few chilled practice runs with mates or just plain old hang out in their tents. This goes even doubly so now that seeding has been eliminated from saturday afternoon.
Unfortunately the only other note to make on friday practice was the disastrous crash resulting in the broken femur of Kye Hore. After a airlift to a Melbourne hospital he is already up and slowly walking again. Healing vibes from the community go out to him. …View More

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So the new year has begun filled with upcoming races, bike trips, birthdays and the occasional family to do and where better to mark that down than on Enduros fresh 2014 calendar. You can find one at your local newsagent or pick one up at the Enduro store HERE See a little more after the jump Continue reading

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Victorian Elevation Alpine Gravity Enduro series round 1

If round one is anything to go by, this years series is gonna be unreal! The same great vibe, people and amazing trails from last year, just bigger and better! All of race promoter Ben Watkins’ hard work is paying off and the huge numbers showed that the good word has spread. Exceeding last years biggest race by over 100 entrants, there were plenty of new faces and first timers out to have a go. Held at the infamous private property of Barjarg, many people took advantage of the great spring weather, camping on site and adding to the festival atmosphere.
Once again Watkins the shovel wielding genius had hand built a brand new trail for us, carved out of the rocky granite hillside. It had a bit of everything, rocky, dusty chutes, off camber traverses and short pinchy climbs. A crowd favourite was the “star wars” gully which dropped into a head high erosion chute with a series of fast turns, and had many a rider rolling in the dust. …View More

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Fresh(ish) from World Champs, Ben Hill pushes through the steeper rock section

The 12th and 13th of October 2013 saw us travelling to Mt. Major, just outside of Shepparton for the first round of the Victorian Downhill Series. Upon arrival it was time for an initial track inspection, the course was quite well packed and it looked plenty rocky as well. There was certainly potential for things to get very dusty as it had been in previous years but there was a forecast however for nasty weather on race day, so only time would tell how the actual race would unfold.

Practice began and a steady stream of riders began flowing down the hill, the sun was out with not a cloud to be seen, as the track became worn in the inevitable places. The dust rose up, the jagged rocks became more prevelant and the crashes began in earnest. Many riders coming down on their second or third run were caught out by the sudden looseness in the track with many loosing a front wheel to the shifting dust. …View More

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Watch World No. 5 and soon to be crowned Junior World Cup winner (at least that’s our tip) smash some Mt Beauty trail aboard his Devinci Wilson. Black Sabbath for the win as well!!!

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It's f@#ken Jesse Beare !!!!!!!!

Whilst everyone else saw a dumbed down track, Steve Smith saw opportunity. Today that optimistic view yielded a number one seed. Whilst Smith looks all set to take his World Cup win, those who have seeded in behind can only be described as the hungriest of the hungry. Danny Hart is little over a second down whilst, Sam Blenkinsop and Aaron Gwin are well within range in 3rd and 4th. Mr all too consistent Gregg Minnaar slots into 5th whilst all round Aussie good guy Sam Hill is in 6th. All up finals are set to go off! …View More

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