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Driving down the afternoon of the day before things were looking quite grim as high winds, rain and sleet bracketed the brief pockets of sun. The forecast for race day was positive,yet with Canberra weather you never know which way it will turn. Sunday morning, six am the pre dawn chill lingers and the Kowalski Classic Event centre sits under a pristine sky blue dome barely a cloud in sight. A big cow motif adorns a gigantic blow up arch and tents line the start corridor. Registration is reasonably busy but the thing that is drawing everyones attention are the two trail maps just next door. Up until now no one has seen the final loops only glimpses and there is some intense study being done.
Coming from the organisers that bring you the Mont 24hr the Kowalski was billed as a chance to sample both the almost infinite trails in Kowen and Sparrow pine forests which are known for their more than ample singletrack. Suffice to say there was plenty to live up to here and it did. …Read More

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The Bike Culture crew head to Singletrack Mind round 4 at Welby, Jon is coming of a broken collarbone and Luke coming back from some sickness. Where will they end up? http://www.bikeculture.com.au/

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