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If you haven’t picked up a mountain bike magazine or been immersed in the bike world of the internet over the past 18 months, you could be forgiven for asking “who are Polygon ?” Polygon is an Indonesian based company who have been around since 1989 but previously with little presence outside of Indonesia. Polygon are also one of the big players of in house bicycle manufacturing outside of Taiwan. Their big break came with the signing of Tracey Hannah and Mick Hannah to the Hutchinson United Ride team in 2013, throwing a leg over the collosus’s AXX big brother the Collosus DHX. This attracted plenty of interest in Australia and since we have been seeing them pop up more and more.
The Collosus Axx is Polygons top of the line 160mm travel enduro race steed. On paper this thing is an impressive option if you’re looking for a new race weapon with an impressive out of the box build. …View More

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This episode follows the team to round 2 of the VDHS at Granton which saw the return of the flooded pits, similar to Canberra National champs last season. Ben Hill took the fastest qualifying time outright, backed it up with a win in 19′s and 5th fastest of the day.

The team then moved on the round 2 of the Alpine gravity Elevation series in Bright, this event saw the return of Luke and a thunderstorm in the elite mens second race run, playing in Crundy’s favour, seeing him take home 5th place.

Music provided by Pretty lights – Colour of my Soul
Filmed and edited by Jake Lucas Photography provided by Jason Stevens

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Stans No Tubes ZTR FLOW EX

At first glance, the Flow EX rims look too light to be a strong and durable Downhill rim. Weighing in at 490grams (that’s 165grams lighter than a Mavic 823!) I expected them to only last a few runs before I would be changing them out. I was wrong.
Stan’s have put a lot of time and thought into the engineering of these rims, focusing on how the tyre works and designing the rim around its performance. The low profile of the side wall gives you a strong and durable platform which not only creates a fantastic bead edge for the tyre to lock secularly into place, but also allows the tyre to form its intended shape to give you optimum grip. This also means it has the ability to run lower pressures and reduces the likelihood of burping or pinch flats. …Continue Reading

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The Kreuzer on the hunt in front of a beying crowd

Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort partnered with Gippsland MTB to host round five of the Kona Victorian Downhill Mountain Bike Series over the weekend. With the largest Australian prize pool of over $50,000 for this gravity fuelled discipline of mountain biking held over six rounds, spanning six months, the racing was nothing short of spectacular.

Over 270 downhill racers attended the event to test their ability against Mt Baw Baw’s highly acclaimed course, the‘DH1’. The course was ‘tacky’ due to some welcome rain late last week and the granitic soil type that is common in sub-alpine areas, which makes for the best conditions for mountain biking in the ‘green’ season. The course had wide open sections with multiple riding lines such as the infamous Mt Baw Baw ‘Jeep Track’, but the set course was also tight and technical in sections which had riders manoeuvring their bikes through the twisty alpine heath and snow gums. Riding these lines faster and smoother than anyone else was the key to victory. …View More

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The Swift Rocky Mountain Team’s third video featuring all their action from Thredbo, Mt Beauty all mountain and finally Crundy rolling solo at Champs in a fresh kit thanks to their new sponsors.

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One of the most involved mountainbike teams in the nation are back again to bring you all the action from the Alpine Gravity Series, Nationals, State racing and more. Featuring athletes Crundy, Lucy, Angus and Mundy, filmed by JL Media. Continue reading

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