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The lead up going into South Africa was crazy to say the least. There are all the usual stresses of travelling, like how much money are the airplanes going to try and take for taking a bike on board? Where’s my passport? But with this being a new team there was even more questions that needed answering like tent sites, team passes, entry fees and more. In the end what’s done is done and all you can do is hope that everything’s in it’s right place.

We flew into South Africa and landed in the dark, hopped straight into a van and off to our accommodation. I was hoping to see much more of the country side on the way in, but due to light and the 15 hours plus of sleeplessness none of the team was in the situation to do so.

There are a lot of similarities and then a huge amount of differences between Sydney and South Africa. You drive down the street on the same side, the steering wheel is on the correct side of the car, the climate is as it is at home and looking around there are plenty of Eucalyptus trees. It’s easy to almost think it’s just another part of Australia. The area is lovely but it’s also plain merely driving down the road that there is a big socioeconomic difference between the citizens of South Africa and Australia. Continue reading

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Woaahh Fektors Top 10 really hits the spot this time with some of the gnarliest crashes, near misses and exemplary line choice from some of the worlds best in Cairns ! www.fektorclothing.com

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The second round of the 2014 World Cup takes the Specialized Racing crew to Cairns, Australia, not far from Troy Brosnan’s hometown of Adelaide. After the first World Cup round in South Africa, teammate Mitch Ropelato joined Troy on his home turf to unwind before the team takes on the next track. Aaron Gwin enters the Cairns event with the World Cup leaders jersey, while Brosnan looks to continue his podium presence in his home country

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Three helmet cam race runs from the Cairns World Cup all in one place, featuring Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland and Loic Bruni. They are all auto play Red Bull vid’s so make sure your ready to hit those pause buttons, then watch them one by one. …View More

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Rowdiness on two sides of the continent, first in WA for some local trail time with Sam and then onto QLD for the Cairns world cup. Glue your eyes to the screen because what follows is some of the most buck wild filthy downhill riding you will ever see.

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The sun was out for only the second time in only a week and that was the difference everyone craved for todays four XCO races. However, they didn’t count on the humidity.. Whilst the track still had it’s greasy points, on the whole, it was a much safer track that greeted riders on race day, sure the ‘Crocodile slide’ and ‘Jacobs ladder’ were still there but you can’t have everything.

U23′s Women kicked off the day and it was dominated by Helen Grobert and Jenny Rissveds with Jovana Crnogorac having third dialled in. Aussies Em Parks and Holly Harris didn’t have their best day on the grid but managed to bring home 9th and 10th respectively. The U23 Men were a little more active on the Australian front with Cam Ivory pushing his way up into 8th whilst there was a strong showing just behind with Chris Hamilton bring home 11th. Most of the teens were then occupied by Australian riders with a full lockout from 13th to 18th led by Michael Crosbie. Kyle Ward had looked promising in the lead up but suffering an illness contracted only the previous day, he bravely managed to finish the race. Anton Cooper was also notably absent. In the end the race fell to French duo and team mats of Victor Koretzky and Jordan Sarrou, young Giant rider Michiel Van Der Heijin claiming third. …View More

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Eighteen years after having hosted the World Champs the first time, Cairns was home to the second round of the 2014 World Cup. With both Mick and Tracey Hannah being Cairns locals, this race was really important for the team as this is their home track, literally.
Track conditions were made unbearable due to the torrential rain that struck the course Thursday and Friday, making the greasy mud and roots even slipperier than they are in the dry.
With some great results in South Africa and the team was very keen to do well in front of the Hannah’s home crowd, here’s how it went down. Pictures after the jump …View More

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