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BCrundy, LCrundy and Ben Hill return in this race packed episode of the Swift Rocky Mountain team’s adventures. Two rounds of nationals, enduro state and downhill rounds and much much more, have a watch.

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An excellent little blog entry from Cam Ryan we really think you should check out. There is a short version or a long version depending on your interest but more importantly there is a helmet cam of every stage of the race, you can find that after the jump.

I’m always excited to have the opportunity to race interstate, but I legitimately struggle to sleep in the lead up to a race in Bright: steep, technical, loamy tracks; awesome town, huge river, what more could you want? (I’ve included longer descriptions of how the days went, but if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to read stuff I’ve put together some 35 word summaries for ya! (Helmet Cam footage, pictures of trees and full stage run-downs are below)

Friday (35 word summary): Rode shuttles with some fellas from Adelaide in the Giant van, super muddy. I got to practice most stages but didn’t have time to get familiar, was a rad time crashing my brains out everywhere.

Friday: After arriving in Bright late the night before, it was time to get up and do some shuttles in an attempt to remember the stages we’d be racing in the coming days (although shuttling isn’t really the spirit of enduro we had two massive days ahead so I was going to do anything I could to save energy!) I was lucky enough to snag a spot in the Giant van, riding with Adelaide guys Craig Yates, Craig Felix, Chris Dimbill and Simon Buzzacott; I even got to do a run or two with 2001 Junior World Champ and all round top bloke Ben Cory which was pretty sick! We managed to get 1-2 runs in on each of the nine stages, although I couldn’t really remember anything apart from the first 3 turns in each stage come Saturday Morning… View More

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If you think 2 days in one of the nicest towns in Victoria, racing 8 timed stages over 2 days on some of the best trails in Australia with an awesome crew of people sounds like a recipe for good times, you would be right. If you didn’t make it and are kicking yourself, you should be, because you missed one of the best events of the summer.
Bright has been a busy place on the last few weeks- hosting the National Champs and Vic DH series finals all in the steep pine forested slopes of the Mystic bowl area above town. March 29th and 30th was the turn of the National Gravity Enduro series to make its mark on the hill. Even though rider numbers were down, representatives from most states made the trip and the Elite field was stacked with fast guys. Many people took advantage of unofficial practice on Friday, and with the course and stages clearly marked, it was a matter of grabbing a map and riding as much or little as you wanted. Lots of rain during the week meant the surface in the pines was greasy and unpredictable, and the roots downright nasty! …View More

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This episode sees Leachy at the Gravity Enduro round at Dinner Plain and the rest of the Team over at Bright for the final round of the VDHS. Special thanks to Brett Pengelley from Fector clothing for providing the shots from the Bright VDHS round.

Dream Police – Cheap Trick

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Tom Wyatt gives my recently serviced and cleaned camera a fresh dusting

The final round of the Victorian Downhill Series has us in Bright, arguably the best downhill track in the country, being described by the likes of Troy Brosnan at the recent national championships as the “closest thing to a world cup track in Australia.” Would these words prove to be daughnting or exciting? Only time would tell.

The mystic downhill track is nestled in the pine plantations above bright, scerene views from the top of the track also provide a very clear view of the tracks elevation. The course had some battle scars from the recent national championships, the most evident being some very deep ruts that had formed and with the recent rain washing all the loose top soil away, they had become excessively deep.

With the track open for practice there were plenty of riders strewn across the track, from top to bottom checking out the changes the weather had made to a track they thought they knew well, and also new riders checking lines for the first time and adjusting to the steepness of bright that we don’t see often in Australia. In the wooded section some roots had begun poking thier heads out from the soft soil, these caught more than one rider off guard throughout the weekend, luckily the pine needles and soft soil off to the side of the track provided a more forgiving landing. …View More

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Bright in Victorias Alpine heartland was the perfect setting for the Australian Champs to unfold, beautiful mountains, loamy pineforest trails and field of riders all looking for the chance to where the green and gold jersey for the coming year. The course in Bright is a hard one by Australian standards, with about 4km of mixed false flats and steep climbing before about a one kilometer downhill that make this course hard to stomach. Whilst lap one or two may fly by in a breeze the later ones would be fully up against the wall pain.
There was a lot more thought in the track layout this year compared to last, with the road block in place and the village set up there riders were much closer to the forest. Allowing better use of the trail network and less time on the road and grass playing field used last year. …View More

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