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You must be one of very few to get their hands on the latest version of the Makulu, how long have you had it and how does it ride? I’ve had the Morewood for a couple of months now, and its been really good. Very different to my previous frame, but definitely a fun ride. Loves going fast and big jumps.

Riders have differing opinions when it comes to Marzocchi, how have you found the 888 evo’s so far? I actually bought mine before I got a deal with them. I rode them for 2 months in whistler and they blew away every other fork I’ve ridden. I have a couple of little mods on mine, and they feel amazing. Definitely going to stick with Marzocchi from now on! …View More

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This bike is fresh and when Jason Stevens saw a chance to get some pics he took it. There is an abundance of SRAM, Rockshox and other associated parts on display but with the bikes owner Dave Ferroni working for SRAM Australia, it’s really no surprise . There are no shortcuts with this build though with only the best parts on display, this steed would not look out of place under a World Cup rider.

This bike is stealth, black on black or murdered as some call it. Was that the original intention when it came to pulling this bike together or was it something that just sort of happened? My previous bike I painted black myself, so when it came to looking for a new DH rig, my intentions were to put together an all-black bike.

Grip shift is a bit of an odd choice for a downhill bike, is this something on all your bikes or something your trying out? This is something I have on all my bikes, I use to race Downhill back in the late 90’s and rode a SRAM drivetrain back then with GripShift. So I just feel more comfortable using it. …View More

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The Votec VFS

Votec is a small company, located in Germany, with the sole aim of providing their customers with the highest end hand crafted bicycles. The Votec VFR is thier 200mm downhill offering, based on a similar frame design as thier freeride bike.  This is the only Votec that is in Australasia. So if you havent heard of Votec this isnt a suprise, what may be suprising is that alot of the riding world hasn’t heard of them either. However Crankbrothers did catch on, and have a Votec VFR as a display bike. …View More

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After the recent round of the NSW State series we caught up with Ricky Boyer, Orange Bikes Australia distributor to take a peek at his newly arrived Orange 322. We also snapped some psychotic action shots with he and team mate Graeme Mudd, but we’ll save those for part 2 so stay tuned.

So Ricky obviously a new frame here, how long have you had it?
A whole week now and its first ride was at the Stromlo state round.

The 322 follows in a similar lineage to what has come before in that it is a single pivot, however it is a completely new bike. Can you lay out for us some of the changes made?
The primary changes that feature on the new bike are that the main pivot is lower and the shock has a more progressive / rising rate. The frame also features 1.5″ headtube. Other than that they haven’t changed the concept of what already works – great geometry, low BB height, slack head angle, frame stiffness and rigidity for a responsive ride.
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The TWE Carbon 29'er (no name)

Michal, this is a pretty unique setup you’ve got going here. How are you finding the single ring setup compared to your 2 x 10?
I always wanted one ring at the front, because I like keep things simple. You have to put more power in to your pedals compere to 2*10, but that goes with the option for gear set up or bike for the specific trail.

The TWE 29′er frame your running here is pretty new to the market, can you tell us a little about it ? How does it handle?

I’m sponsored be Greg Ryan from TWE, one day I went to Greg’s shop at Newtown to pick up my new set of wheels. And I saw the frame on the wall, after 30 minutes the frame was with me in my car on the way home. I couldn’t resist. If you look at the frame you can see that this frame will not flex at all, but same time it’s comfortable to ride. If you want to buy racing frame, that’s the way to go. …View More

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