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The lead up going into South Africa was crazy to say the least. There are all the usual stresses of travelling, like how much money are the airplanes going to try and take for taking a bike on board? Where’s my passport? But with this being a new team there was even more questions that needed answering like tent sites, team passes, entry fees and more. In the end what’s done is done and all you can do is hope that everything’s in it’s right place.

We flew into South Africa and landed in the dark, hopped straight into a van and off to our accommodation. I was hoping to see much more of the country side on the way in, but due to light and the 15 hours plus of sleeplessness none of the team was in the situation to do so.

There are a lot of similarities and then a huge amount of differences between Sydney and South Africa. You drive down the street on the same side, the steering wheel is on the correct side of the car, the climate is as it is at home and looking around there are plenty of Eucalyptus trees. It’s easy to almost think it’s just another part of Australia. The area is lovely but it’s also plain merely driving down the road that there is a big socioeconomic difference between the citizens of South Africa and Australia. Continue reading

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The second round of the 2014 World Cup takes the Specialized Racing crew to Cairns, Australia, not far from Troy Brosnan’s hometown of Adelaide. After the first World Cup round in South Africa, teammate Mitch Ropelato joined Troy on his home turf to unwind before the team takes on the next track. Aaron Gwin enters the Cairns event with the World Cup leaders jersey, while Brosnan looks to continue his podium presence in his home country

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Checkout the top 5 clips from Fektor’s Brett Pengelley shooting up at Bright, Vic for the National Championships. Keep an eye out for that number one clip of Ben Power. You animal! – www.fektor.com

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Sometimes you wonder how certain tracks come into existence, like the one in this photo gallery. I could try to explain its location but it would be futile it is literally in the deep back country, on a hilltop over there somewhere and the only way it could be found without prior knowledge is by pure chance. So how did I end up there?
Well it’s all Graeme Mudd and Ben Leslies fault. Spying a road gap on one of their instagram feeds one day that looked like it might be fun to shoot, I brought up the subject with them during some down time at a race. The track in question is situated just outside of Muswellbrook and is mainly used when it rains and Newcastle’s tracks are either overused or a little too wet. You see the track surface out at Muswellbrook is perfect with a bit of moisture, a mixture of slip and slide and maxiumum grip. …View More

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Newest addition to the Australia Kona Factory Racing Team, Callum Morrison, shreds some local trails in some crisp wintery conditions.
All thanks to Ryan Finlay of RFPhotographics

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Caroline Buchanan is the new 4X World Champ.. congratulations.

4X World Champs have been somewhat understated since general 4X racing was scrapped from the World Cup line up. However that doesn’t mean that the racing in Leogang was any less brutish, fierce, fast paced or entertaining. The Aussies were in good stead, with many having headed over a weekend earlier for the Pro Tour race, where Caroline Buchanan won the womens and Joey Vejvoda claimed a top ten. Unfortunately it was the destruction of Blue Mountains racer Blake Nielsen, who sustained yet another serious injury with a broken collarbone.
A week later and things were looking to be on a similar path, Vejvoda was looking for a repeat but a brutal pass/ cut off manouver in the second round saw him over the railing and out. Similarly a round earlier in the 1/16th finals the Scarr brothers and Ricko Levinson were knocked out. All eyes were left on Buchanan and she did not disappoint.
She decimated. Smashing through the rounds, she left all others in her wake to claim her second set of rainbow stripes for the year (previous in BMX) and her third 4X World Championships. …View More

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Cairns World Champs

In another major event coup for Australia and Northern Queensland, Cairns has secured the rights to host the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships.

UCI President Pat McQuaid made the announcement in Norway overnight. “The UCI is delighted that the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships will be held on the iconic Smithfield course in Cairns. We’re certain that athletes from around the globe will relish competing in this beautiful tropical location and we thank Cycling Australia and the Queensland Government for their hard work and commitment.”

Cycling Australia President Klaus Mueller echoed McQuaid’s sentiments. “Cycling Australia is thrilled that Cairns has secured this landmark event. We thank the UCI, Tourism and Events Queensland and the State Government for turning an ambitious vision into reality. We look forward to welcoming the world’s best athletes to battle it out in Cairns in 2017.” …View More

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