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Meet this Australian power couple and reigning national champions as they discuss their second season with Trek Factory Racing. Coming off stellar 2013 World Cup seasons, both are looking to keep that momentum going through the first two World Cups. Hear their stories while training and racing as a couple.

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Sik Mick on the charge to fifth

Gee and Rachel Atherton, the brother sister pairing have taken home the wins at Fort William. All fields were tightly fought, none so much as the juniors where Australian Dean Lucas rode to a podium of third, from a seeded fifth. A solid start to the season for Dean with a time would have seen him 54th in Elite Men. Above him stood only local english kid Michael Jones and Scott Bikes team rider Noel Niederberger.
As for the rest of the Australian Juniors, Peter Knott and Aiden Varley continued their consistent weekends efforts, finishing 12th and 13th respectively. Whilst Luke Ellison (24th) and Thomas Crimmins (29th) both had crashes, pushing them down through the order despite some solid splits. Ellison has noted via facebook that he didn’t have a crash free run all weekend, with a another world cup next week lets hope he can get his eye in. Brent Smith DNF’d a front flat at the start of his run essentially forced him out. …View More

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Yiew!!!! Donkey (Peter Knot) lets the roost fly. Money's on the fridge!

For the Australian contingent Friday practice and it’s attached timed runs, brought with it both equal amounts of frustration and joy. First off, an unseen rule has come into effect since last year, a rule that allows only six juniors to be entered into the race. With seven juniors in tow this year, it looked as if one rider would have to sit out. However, after some discussions and some quick thinking, Ben Hill has secured the sweeper spot for sunday and will at least get a run down the hill. The reasons for why Ben was the junior chosen or volunteered out of the seven are unknown. This new ruling appears to have come in with the new junior competion this year.
Back onto the racing, the Fort track seems to be as battered as usual with riders acknowledging the fact through various means of social media. Despite the initial setback the Australian Junior squad have been taking to the course with gusto, crashes seem to be a common occurrence with Luke Ellison taking a sizeable digger but all are looking forward to racing. In timed runs Tom Crimmins has taken out 4th spot whilst Dean Lucas has slotted in just behind in 5th. Juniors will now go onto seed whilst those above must qualify to make the cut! …View More

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