Introducing Renegade Racing and the residents of House 1456 – Chris Barlin, Lachlan McKillop (Lachy) and Daniel Paine (Painey). These guys don’t just race together – they train, live, work and party together. It sounds intense, but they’re actually pretty relaxed. They also have a professional attitude towards racing, and the entrepreneurial flare to form their own team.

So, whose idea was it to form Renegade Racing?
Barlin: It was my idea to initially start the team. I’ve raced overseas for the last few years and realised if you’re not on one of the big teams, or have some support, it’s pretty hard going. My idea was to give back some of what I’d learnt and have a good bunch of guys, who are also mates, to travel with. It helps everybody.

House 1456 [a big old share house on Sydney's north shore] is pretty legendary. I suppose you could describe as a bit of a Frat house. How many people have you got living here?
Barlin: Ha ha. I wouldn’t exactly say Frat house, but I agree it’s a little different to the norm. It’s old, a little run down, but it’s cheap and big. There are a few of us in the house – six at the moment. Four of us are riders and two are skaters, so we get along pretty well.

Wow, that’s a lot of people. You do so much together, do you ever get sick of each other?
Lachy: So far there haven’t been any real issues. Everyone’s pretty independent and there’s always something interesting going on to mix things up.

I see there’s a pump and berm track in the backyard. It must be pretty sweet to have a place to train two feet from your back door.
Lachy: There have been a few versions of the pump track and this one is by far the best. The berm track is awesome – Barlin banged out most of that. And in summer it’s a great way to spend Friday arvos.

And a few other modifications too?
Painey: Since I moved in last year, a room has been added, the kitchen replaced, a spa installed, and soon there’ll be a sauna underneath the house. Standard stuff for a rental really.

Sounds like it’s party central around here.
Painey: We don’t have parties all the time, but make sure we celebrate birthdays – they always get wild. Come to the next one if you wanna see something crazy.

I might just do that, but back to racing. This year you travelled to every round of the Gravity Series, pretty much living out the back of your van plus a few luxuries. How would you sum it up?
Lachy: Racing the whole series was a really good experience for me, I learnt a lot about my riding and working in a team environment. Overall my results were a little below expectation. But a lot of these issues, like focusing during race runs and line choice, have been ironed out now. My best race had to be Awaba, it was muddy, loose and rough. You can’t ask for much more in a track.
Painey: This was the first year I’ve completed a full national series – I had so much fun, and had some good results as well. They all had huge positives for me.
Barlin: Travelling to the whole series was great. It was the first year we’ve done it as a team. We learnt a lot and will make some changes – like how many warm up runs we do, race day plans, and nutrition – which will make everything a lot better. My best race in terms of results was Stromlo, but I think Awaba was the most fun. So much mud! Ha ha!

Your house mate, John Farrow, is an athlete in the winter sport of Skeleton at the AIS. I understand he has been passing on some training techniques to you guys. How does this benefit you and your riding?
Lachy: Having John help us with training is awesome! He’s always there to give you a hand and is a wealth of knowledge – like how to phase our training, goal setting and motivation. He’s helped my physical and mental training, both of which had a lot to be desired for. John even put on a training camp for the team which was great, I learnt a lot from it. We are all really appreciative to have John helping us out.

So, what are your goals for this year?
Lachy: My goals mainly focus on our overseas trip, and some solid runs in Canada. I know that if I can do that properly then my results will be up there.
Painey: My personal goals for this year are to learn as much as possible overseas, do well in the races at home, and to have fun. Previously I’ve focused on the outcome of races which isn’t too useful. This year I’m going to ride my own race – I know good results will come from that.
Barlin: My goals for this year are to get back to where I was last year. I had a few injuries in the past year and I’m keen to get healthy again and back overseas. We’re heading to Whistler for Crankworx and I’m looking for some good results there. I’ll also be focusing on national series later in the year.

You guys have come along way in such a short space of time. What should we expect from you in the future?
Lachy: My longer term goal is to race World Cups and do well. I’d also like to compete in the New Zealand national series with the team.
: I want to keep building on my results and training. I suppose right now I’ll keep looking forward and and re-evaluate this time next year. Barlin: I’d like to see all the boys grow a lot, travel overseas as a team and race some World Cups. Personally I’d like to get back to racing World Cups like the last few years. And for the team?
Barlin: Things are all go for us. We’ll be travelling overseas in July and August – heading to BC, Canada, for Crankworx and some Canada Cups. After that, the rest of the state series and then on to nationals. We’re all working hard for better results in the future. Bigger and better team set ups are on the cards. Don’t be surprised if you see these boys on the podium soon. Good Luck and thanks for your time guys.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Barlin: We would like to thank Trek Bikes. They have been helping us out from the start and we really appreciate their support. Also Shimano Australia and Renegade Cycles. And thanks Roost Mag for supporting us all year. We love what you do. Cheers.

Word’s : Q’s Elizabeth Drummond – A’s by Chris Barlin, Daniel Paine and Lachlan McKillop
Videographer : Ty Bowmaker
Photos : Robert Conroy

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