“For the Privateers project I wanted to do something different to the standard Mountainbike film. A film where it isn’t just the top five or so guys being followed, instead, looking into those who are aiming to be the best they can. I wanted to take a step back and look at the riders who aren’t sponsored such as Luke, Jon and Mark. When I was selecting these riders I wanted them to have an interesting story that would relate to fellow Mountainbikers.

Mark Conliffe plows a rock garden somewhere on the central coastTrekking. Ok not quite but filming trips and shoots sure can take you to some cool stuff. Joe Killen and Mark Conliffe chat

Luke, is a fast dedicated junior who is looking to pursue downhilling as a career and has had to make some significant choices to be able to do so. Jon on the other hand is 30, and is getting back into the sport after riding cross country for the last 10 years. Jon was once like Luke, a junior downhiller with potential but maybe not enough motivation at the time. Returning for another crack he is now looking to be competitive, in a field that is probably tougher than ever. Mark, a rider that probably best relates with most riders out there. A worker during the week but loves to ride on the weekends and have fun with mates. This by no means he is any less competitive when he shows up in the start hut.”

: Joe Killen,(Eastern Edge Films)


  • Simon Duffy

    Hey mate saw you up at oxy filming your next episode yesterday and when I asked you if the video was any good you didnt want to talk up your own work, well just watched it then and its sick! keep up the good work!