Slick, smart and for the most part overlooked in the range of handlebars that are out there. Coming in two lengths 700 or 750mm and either 25 and 38mm rise the true difference here is the wingtips system. Threaded at each end extensions can be bought and added to increase bar length, it is certainly a lot better and more practical than the broomstick DIY jobs people once did. Extensions come in either a 19 or 13mm . These bars are perfect for the modern cross country rider/ all mountain rider who wants to ride tight and twisty one day and wide open the next, changing their bars for the conditions.

The only real issue is that the thread only runs so deep on each end, so further cutting down or customisation of the bars is impossible, I’m sorry if you were looking to cut back to 650mm and relive the glory days.

The stems are all that you would expect from a company such as ODI, the DH 50mm is a Boxxer Direct Mount only, featuring ODI’s exclusive Bar Positioning Clamping System which simply allows you to hold your bars in place by tightening the top two bolts before tightening the bottom two bolts. Creating a truer clamping surface which also prevent stress risers. The AM stem comes in a 50, 70 and 90 mm with 7 deg rise and features the same clamping system mentioned above . It weighs in at 172 grams.

Distributed By Lusty industries


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