You must be one of very few to get their hands on the latest version of the Makulu, how long have you had it and how does it ride? I’ve had the Morewood for a couple of months now, and its been really good. Very different to my previous frame, but definitely a fun ride. Loves going fast and big jumps.

Riders have differing opinions when it comes to Marzocchi, how have you found the 888 evo’s so far? I actually bought mine before I got a deal with them. I rode them for 2 months in whistler and they blew away every other fork I’ve ridden. I have a couple of little mods on mine, and they feel amazing. Definitely going to stick with Marzocchi from now on!


Being part of the Wolfpack generally sees some custom work from Magneto Industries, anything we should be looking out for? Only fork stickers on mine at the moment. Although Tim from magneto has helped out massively with all our gear and setup. Got some fresh ideas in the works though, so hopefully we will have some rad stuff around soon!

Frame- 2013 Morewood Makulu, Med.
Shock – Cane Creek Double Barrel
Fork – 2013 Marzocchi 888 evo rc3
Stem – Kodex Direct Mount
Bars – Renthal
Grips – SDG
Shifters/Deraileurs – Sram X9 clutch
Seat- Sdg
Brakes/Rotors – XO Trails
Cranks/Bottom Bracket – Shimano Zee
ChainGuide – Csixx
Cassette – ultegra
Pedals – Shimano DX
Wheelset – Atomlab Pimplite
Tyres – Schwalbe Big Betty
Tubes – Unknown thick ones
Special mods – brakes and forks have a little going on.
Weight – Haven’t weighed a bike for years haha!