Max Warshawsky is a kid who just oozes natural talent, whilst he has already made his mark in his home state of QLD the rest of the country is still yet to feel the full effect. He’s a major threat, proving this earlier in the year when he took U17′s National Champs virtually by suprise, still only 15 he has a long way to go yet. We caught up with him for a brief chat, here is what he had to say…

When was the first time you got aboard a bike, what was your first experience?
I got my first bike back when I was 2 years old for Christmas – an orange tricycle. I never got off it, tearing up and down the driveway! Then after a few years I wanted to start BMX racing when I was 4 years old, but dad wouldn’t let me until I turned 5.

From BMX when did you move onto mountain biking and mountain bike racing?
I got my first downhill bike for my 9th birthday, and then started racing a few months later. Never looked back!

How would you describe your riding style, what tracks suit you best? Do you have a favourite track?
I’d say I ride pretty smooth, but I still manage break heaps of stuff on bike, and like to hang off the back of the bike! I love the really steep and technical tracks. I pretty much like every track I ride, but if I had to choose one it would be Posties State Line (Lenny’s Track).

When you filmed with Chris you headed out to Posties, this is your local, what can you say about the track? How did you find the filming experience?
Yeah it’s an awesome track! It’s really steep and flowy. The filming experience was good fun, lots of laughs. It definitely gets pretty tiring pushing back up the steep track over and over! But yeah it was a good time!

Already you have amassed quite a lot of racing achievements, U15′s National Champion, State Series Champion, State Champion in U19′s etc. How does this impact your racing now and how you approach it?
It actually hasn’t really changed the way I approach a race that much. I guess it has made me take it a bit more seriously now, but at the end of the day I still just go out there and have fun on my bike!

You missed most of last year’s nationals season was this by choice? What was your focus?

I would have loved to do the whole national series last year, but we just couldn’t really afford the cost of it. So we just focused on doing the national champs and Awaba because it’s a sick track.

You are sort of the unmentioned threat of U17′s National racing, having only raced parts of the series last year what were your thoughts going into National Champs in Adelaide?
I was stoked to be heading back down there! I had done well there in the past and it’s always such a good time. I was hoping to finish in the top 3, and I was super stoked to take the win.

Who do you see as major threats within your age group? After your result in Awaba and Champs did you see these people as less of a threat?
I think that anyone lining up at the start gate is always a threat!

You are currently amidst your own state series (QLD) where you have moved up to U19′s, how is that going for you so far? You seem to be moving up the podium race by race.

Yeah it is going good I’m sitting 3rd at the moment. I like it because you get to do a qualifying run as well as a race run which makes it more like a national round.

Soon to be heading into the 2012/13 Nationals what are your goals? Will you be heading to more races this season?
My goals are to race the whole 2012/13 national series and champs, to do well and have heaps of fun, and just improve my riding and continue to learn.

Still pretty young you can’t be into the supplements like some of the older kids, what does a general week of training involve for you?
For me, I keep it pretty chilled out and don’t have a strict training regime, a usual week involves riding to the bus stop and back every day to get to school, a couple of light gym sessions at home, and just have fun on my bike and just riding whatever my buddies are riding whether it be BMX track, skate park or dirt jumps, and I try and ride Downhill most weekends.

Not too recently you moved onto a Propain Rage can you tell us how that deal came up?
Well I broke my last frame, and while waiting for another one through warranty one of my riding buddies, Damien Bogatek, who is one of the guys behind Off The Brakes, which are the importer for Propains, lent me an old frame to race on. I really liked it, and got offered a sweet deal on a new Rage , my long time and main sponsor Beerwah Cycles was supportive of the move so I just couldn’t say no. It’s such a sick bike!

You also have connections with NS Dynamics and Podium Lube, what’s it like working with those guys?

Yeah those guys help me out a lot. Podium Lube helps me out with chain lube, bike cleaner, fork spray etc. And it is the best stuff I’ve ever used. NS Dynamics also help out a lot by keeping all my suspension running sweet, and it definitely helps to have a bike working to its full potential.

What are your aspirations for the future?
To eventually get on the world cup circuit, but I’ve got a lot to learn!

Thanks for your time, anyone you would like to thank?
Huge thanks to my parents for all their support and to all my sponsors, Beerwah Cycles – Erek at Beerwah Cycles has been helping heaps for 4-5 years now ,I wouldn’t have got anywhere without his never ending support, Off The Brakes, Chunked, NS Dynamics, Podium Lube. Thanks!

Words : Q’s Robert Conroy A’s Max Warshawsky Pictures : Andrew Benson & Chris Dalziel Video : Chris Dalziel Visuals
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