These are the kind of mountainbike shoes that make your average male go a little girlie, they are so nice you barely want to put them on, rather hang them on your wall and ogle. Aesthetics aside, after two months they have proven themselves reliable, the carbon soles are a little dented and will never be that sleek black again but they have seen numerous downhill runs as well as a few cross country outings and are still stiff and good to go. They come with a shoe bag to keep them safe off the bike as well as some mud studs and tool as well. However, with bladed sole pattern the studs hardly seem necessary. The sizing doesn’t really accommodate those with a wider foot but there is a option with the straps for a bit more girth should you desire. At just 355 grams they weigh practically nothing and whilst they may cost you a bit they are well worth the buy.

Colours : Black & Mud hungry Fluro Yellow
Distributed by Groupe Sportif


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