It was the second running of the King of Kincumba and things were hotting up. Not only would we raise funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service and Pedal 4 Pierce but there were some fast names in mountianbiking vying to take the crown as the King and Queen. With more than 100 participants including last years King and central coast local James Lamb. James wasn’t going to make it easy for anyone and was sure to push both his bike and his body to the limit.

While some of the participants of this community based event were dusting off their bikes and pumping up their tyres, Andy Blair, Australian Marathon Champion, was just popping in to the region for a quick visit before heading overseas. It was not just the Kincumba Mt calling Andy, but some of the mountains featuring in such events as the Tour De France, where he will soon be representing Australia at the Marathon World Championships. Andy was joined at the front of the pack by a handful of elite riders, including Jenny Fay and Garry Millburn both travelling from Sydney, all prepared for the punishment that Kincumba Mountain could deliver.
You may be forgiven for thinking this was similar to the Woodford 2 Glenbrook, after all there were shuttles to the top of the mountain, and yes there were quite a few downhillers present. Though that’s about where the similarities stopped, the downhill boys didn’t bring their big rigs and a quick look at the elevation charts showed just as much up as down. Martin from Rocky Trail Entertainment cemented the fact during the rider brief, it was going to be steep.

While I don’t want to give too much away, the fun (read challenge) of it all, I had a great morning dueling with Peter Selkrig. From some sketchy two-wheel drift and moto style foot-out action on the descents to the grinding climbs beyond the limit of even mountainbike gearing, we traded places with Peter eventually breaking away during an ascent. Good luck to Peter during his last phase of training for a 24 solo effort next month.

It was great to see the local hotel, paper, radio and television stations supporting the event along with the local bike shops, council and mountainbike club. Thanks to all those who contributed towards the event and I look forward to testing myself against Kincumba next year.

Words: Michael Crummy

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