How WA Roll is Film Things first feature film, made in collaboration with Kian Esmaili Productions  and Sean Lee Photography and it is more than worthy of a feature in any passionate mountainbikers DVD collection. Comprised entirely of rider sections Film Things How WA Roll’s is not essentially a mountainbiking film and although mountain bikers sections do preside over most of the running time of the film, this is about WA and the talented individuals it has across many disciplines, including Downhill, Cross Country, Moto, BMX racing and Moto trials.

Not particularly used to watching the last three options I sat down for my first viewing of HWAR, with a open mind. The riding in this film was top notch even from the locals out at York, Reece Tucknott showed just how smooth and fast you can go on a hardtail on pea gravel , Todd Madsen takes some suicidal lines in a quarry which would make for my personal favourite section, Luke Ball brings the usual whips, jumps and berm destruction we have come to expect from web edits we’ve seen and the Nolan Brothers who show off their impressive style in park bmx and trial motos. Skipping through some sections the second time it more than pumped me up for my afternoon ride.

Talking to Leon Fry the man behind Film Thing’s he admitted that this movie was a learning experience, for him and all involved. Collaborating and getting used to new equipment and in general trying to piece together one massive film. For the most part the movie flowed with ease however whilst there were a few technical issues, some annoying framing scenarios and what felt like shot repetition, the riding from all involved far out shone any minor lapse . The picture quality was sublime and I wasn’t even watching the blu ray version. The music on the other hand for this reviewer left something to be desired , whilst filmmaker  Leon has done the right thing and licensed all of the music, you really need to be a fan of trance. I am not really a fan of this form of music, and after forty or so minutes it was really beginning to get to me.
With a running time of a hour and ten there is more than enough to keep a viewer entertained and in the modern day where web edits rule , films such as this should offer something more but after a initial viewing I felt, with sections so long there was even room for more cutting to be done. You certainly won’t be ripped off for content here.

For a film that is trying to offer a little bit of everything that rolls on two wheels in Western Australia it has done its job. Whilst not every section will be peoples cup of tea, the slick riding in some (the mtb) sections is more than enough to justify the buy.

You can pick up a copy on Blu Ray or DVD HERE and support the local filmmakers in their next endeavour.

Watch the first free section here :

Win yourself a free copy of How WA Roll!
We have two DVD’s and three Blu Ray copies of How WA Roll to give away, and all you have to do is answer the question below and send your answer to with your name and obviously the answer with the heading HOW WA ROLLS COMP.

“Which rider appearing in HOW WA ROLLS scored a wildcard to attend the recently passed final World Cup in Hafjell, Norway?”

Winners will be drawn at random. Final entries to be in by 12am OCT 1st, drawn OCT 2nd. Finally, remember to help the film makers by “like” ing their facebook pages and keeping up to date with all their activities. FILM THINGS , KIAN ESMAILI PRODUCTIONS & SEAN LEE PHOTOGRAPHY

Words: Robert Conroy

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