A short time ago we were able to catch up with Jake Lucas as he was filming for his latest feature. We were able to catch a few snaps and ask a few questions and it went down a little something like this :

Jake Lucas
Camera Equipment/ Filming equipment

Canon 7D x 2, Canon 24 – 70mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Canon 70 – 200mm f/4 IS, Canon 15mm f/2.8 Fish-eye, Canon 18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 6.5 IS, Canon 35 – 70mm f/2.8, Rode Video Mic, GoPro 2, Manfrotto Monopod, Flycam 3000, Pro aim crane, Pro aim linear slide 2 foot and 4 foot, various tripods, some studio lights and various other things.

Editing software
Final Cut Pro, Motion 5, Cinema Tools
to video

Heading off the back of the success of Insight last season you’ve begun a new project, can you tell us about it?
Yeah, Insight was a great start, it was the first full length DVD I produced, I’d done a heap of web stuff before then, but hadn’t really had any experience doing a full-length project. It was a huge learning curve, a great experience and helped me get a leg up coming into this new season. This year once again I’ll be producing a full length Victorian State Series DVD, Insight2, which will delve deeper into the Series and the riders that follow it. With more backing this year it’s become easier to travel to further locations such at Canberra and Adelaide to film selected riders for the segments, thus far, with a license and school knocked over, this season has been much easier and far better footage wise. My skills have developed further and more equipment has been purchased making this project look even more killer than the last. Other projects I’ve been working on include a series of web edits for Kona and CWR Boxxer Zerode team as well as Highlight videos from all the Gravity Cup rounds via Dirt.tv. Will also be heading over seas to a number of the World Cup rounds and Champs this year details still to come on that but.

Just how much editing time is in this feature you must be pretty dedicated.
It’s off the show dude, all the weekends filming the race events, time traveling to the events and riders places for their segments then the hours on hours of editing time… If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.

What riders can we expect to see in this feature?
Insight2 will feature all the rounds of the Victorian State Series, excluding State Champs, as I will be in New Zealand filming Oceanias. So expect to see many of the top riders of the Victorian State Series as well as many of your mates and probably yourself somewhere in it. There will be a number of featured riders including Jesse Beare, Tim Eaton, Connor Fearon and Dean Lucas, these selected riders will have a section in the DVD dedicated to their experiences in the series, more about their lives and a little on who they are, as well as some killer riding shots packed in there.

Are there any filmers you look to for inspiration and in turn are influenced by?
I think as a filmer you are influenced by everything you see, you can look at anyone’s work and see things in it you like / hate which help you improve your own work. At the end of the day it’s the riders which are a bigger influence than other film makers in my opinion, I’m making the videos for them. In recent times it’s changed the direction of my filming a little bit but I want to constantly evolve in my filming and not get stuck in some rut.

Most of you time has been spent focusing on the downhill side of the sport are there any other areas you’d like to film?
Yeah, that’s mainly because that’s where my start was and what my love is for. I have branched out into other out of industry jobs, but I would like to do other areas within the sport, Freeride / DJ, even cross country for example. It’s just a matter of finding the connections and feeling involved and not just been an observer, but be apart of it, like I feel with the Downhill side of it.

Next year you will be heading overseas to get a little World Cup footage under your belt what can we expect from you in this time?
Yeah, very excited about that, at the moment I honestly couldn’t say, I don’t know what I can expect from myself, it’s a totally new game going overseas to film the WC’s hey, I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew, so this year I’m not going to make all the rounds, just 3 or 4 and get a feel for how filming world cups go and what I can give sponsors for it etc, I’ve got a couple deals in the making at the moment, but don’t want to speak too soon, so at the moment just know you should be seeing some killer world cup stuff from me sometime in the future.

The latest teaser you’ve put forward features Tim Eaton, what was he like to work with?

Yeah, I was looking over my vimeo account earlier and saw the amount of private content I had on there and thought it was about time to give you lot something to watch. I only just recently got back from filming with Timmy, was a rad weekend and good to spend some more time with him other than at a race weekend, you get to know people a lot better doing these segments. He’s great to work with, like many people I film segments for they have this self motivation to do their best to make the end result look awesome, as a film maker that’s what your after and you generally don’t even need to push for it, they do it all for you. So yeah, was great to work with and I can’t wait to do more in the future.

Quite often its not just you behind the film, often taking a second filmer, why do you do this?
Yeah, now that I’ve got enough backing I’ve been able to get enough equipment for more than one person, often meaning I can have a secondary person with me filming, this has become the norm for us now both at races and rider segments. Darcy Wilkinson and Elijah Marinov have been the main guys helping out on the secondary’s this season with some additional help from Matt Ryan and Ben Zwar. Having 2 cameras rolling at once pretty much guarantees twice the shots, and half the effort for the rider, often meaning they don’t have to push up a section more than once when filming a particular part of track. It also gives the perspectives of two people rather than just my take on a track / segment. It also makes carrying equipment heaps easier and swapping lenses etc a lot quicker, making the whole thing much faster. I definitely have to thank these people for all their help as they aren’t getting paid as of yet and in general refuse any money I try and give them. As they are generally happy to just help create this DVD.

When can we expect to see the final product?

Once the Series is over, hopefully not long after that. I want to try and aim for presentation day, but who knows, there is so much time involved in producing it, I’ll do my best to have it done as well as it can be as fast as it can be. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Jake, catch you out on the trails!

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